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In Leonard Peltier's case, he is 77 years old, has diabetes and an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He still has not received his COVID booster shot. He also shouldn't be there in the first place.

Been hearing from people concerned about Leonard Peltier's health in prison, namely because he has not received his COVID booster + is at high-risk for serious illness if he gets COVID. His lawyer confirms he has not been boosted and doesn't think any fellow inmates have either.

“Let's roll with the tattoos in both! Loud and proud!” @evolution_cp  is letting employees like Jessica Leonard express themselves at work. Tattoos - much like other aspects of appearance - have nothing to do with how well you do your job. #inclusion 

Arians said Leonard Fournette looks good and didn't have the setback with his hamstring that he had last week. #GoBucs 

Leonard Patton sings out at his San Diego venue, The Jazz Lounge, which opened during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jessica Leonard went against the status quo when she displayed her tattoos in a now-viral company photo, saying the “art on my skin has been quite healing for me in many ways”

Bucs OC Byron Leftwich said it was good to see Leonard Fournette out there working today and will have a better idea of potential workload/return by end of the week. "Once he’s healthy, we expect Lenny to be Lenny." #GoBucs 

The latest on Leonard Fournette who has been out since week 15 with a hamstring injury. #gobucs 

Zachary Leonard pleaded guilty to firing a gun at the building, along with criminal damage to property.


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Kawhi Leonard has no desire to play in Toronto, league source tells ESPN.

For years, @senatemajldr  McConnell has protected shadowy billionaires from revealing the $$$ they spend rigging the system. Now we learn that Leonard Leo and the Federalist Society have spent $250 MILLION from anonymous donors to reshape the courts...

The sun came out for 7 minutes. People stood in the street, staring at it like it was Halley’s comet. Dogs howled, children wept.

Caracas, Venezuela: Gustavo Dudamel conducting the Simon Bolivar Youth Symphony Orchestra. Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Mambo’ from 'West Side Story'. Magnificent...

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard combined to go 0-11 with 0 points in the 4th quarter of Game 7.

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Former Jaguars’ RB Leonard Fournette is signing with the Buccaneers, per source.

Never forget LeBron’s reaction to when 21-year-old Kawhi Leonard checked in the game ?

Leonard Chanin played a key role in blowing up our economy in 2008 by failing to regulate toxic subprime mortgages. I cannot imagine a worse person for @CFPBDirector  Kraninger to name as acting Deputy Director starting today. He doesn’t belong within 100 miles of the @CFPB .