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Some 3 million euros have been raised in three days - out of the 5 million euros needed - to buy an advanced military drone for Ukraine in its war against Russia, according to a Lithuanian internet broadcaster which launched the drive

🔴 When Marina Ovsyannikova burst onto the set of a flagship news show with a daring anti-war message two months ago, she didn’t realise that it would make her the most hated woman in Russia 👇

Only one route remains open for international convoys bringing food, water and other aid to over one million Syrians besieged by civil war. Now Russia might try to shut it down or use it as a bargaining chip with world powers in another war.

Downtown Milwaukee was louder than usual today, on May 28. More than a hundred Harley riders made the annual Memorial Day weekend trek from Wisconsin Hartley in Oconomowoc to the war memorial on the lakefront.

A 96-year-old woman from Cedar Falls will be honored with the Congressional Gold Medal on Memorial Day for her civilian service in the Civil Air Patrol during World War II.

War surges Norway's oil, gas profit. Now, it's urged to help

The government has long claimed its dig was a bust. But a father-son pair of treasure hunters who spent years hunting for the fabled Civil War-era gold suspect the FBI double-crossed them.

If you can't bear another cold and snowy winter, consider heading south for your retirement years.

Why are people so demanding why are they so cold they are just too bold The deranged is emboldened look at what Putin’s doing killing innocent people and dare the world to do anything because nuclear bomb and 34 Republican Senators voted against Aid to Ukraine that’s just wrong.


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Julian Assange speaking in 2011: "The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war" #Afghanistan 

Legalize marijuana. Expunge past marijuana convictions. End the failed War on Drugs.

Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev writes "No war please" on the camera following his advancement to the final in Dubai.

Today Trump declared war on the people of the United States, threatening states that if the did not request federal troops in their states, the troops would be deployed forcibly. That’s illegal, and it would invoke a civil war.

People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA !

John Bolton was one of the dumbest people in government that I’ve had the “pleasure” to work with. A sullen, dull and quiet guy, he added nothing to National Security except, “Gee, let’s go to war.” Also, illegally released much Classified Information. A real dope!

Your reminder that tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war.

Colin Powell, a real stiff who was very responsible for getting us into the disastrous Middle East Wars, just announced he will be voting for another stiff, Sleepy Joe Biden. Didn’t Powell say that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction?” They didn’t, but off we went to WAR!

I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq. I will do everything in my power to prevent a war with Iran. I apologize to no one.

Hey dumbass, global warming doesn’t only mean extreme heat; it means extreme weather. Hot and cold. Maybe buy a thermometer and shove it up your ass.