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The Hershey Bears collected 67,309 bears from the bear toss on Sunday, Jan. 29.

Fleet Feet held its annual Teddy Bear Trot in the Park Avenue Neighborhood Sunday, running a three-mile race to raise proceeds for the Bivona Child Advocacy Center.

The suspects were arrested on charges related to the possession and potential distribution of narcotics, including heroin, methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

Looks like the bear had a taste for popcorn!

Hope no one minds my charting however fib levels & elliot waves helped me make really good decisions during this bear market and wanting to encourage you all to learn besides just trading NFTs. Thread on how I do technical analysis & resources coming soon. Life is good 🙏

this pic of sam smith is a bear market vibe -bears are gay -red -expensive clothing (bought from bull liqs)

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NO ONE should be calling a bull or bear market right now I think we will continue up. But the market doesn’t care what I think Technicals are all over the place, and we just don’t know right now You should be more focused on risk mitigation, and locking any profits #btc 

An appeals court held that alleged domestic abusers have a right to bear arms. Five justices may disagree.

Alaskan investigators used genetic testing and genealogy to connect a skull found in 1997 to a Clay, N.Y., man who had been missing for decades. Officials believe the man was likely mauled by a bear.


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#KAI , the K-pop star and member o @weareoneEXO  , is the inspiration behind the ne #KAIxGucci  xGucci collection desi #AlessandroMichelened  by with a vintage-looking teddy bear wearing a blue bow tie. Discover more .

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Listen, bear spray DOES NOT work like bug spray. We would like to not have to say that again.

Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in

BREAKING: Oregon becomes first U.S. state to decriminalize possession of all drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and meth, for personal use - AP/Oregonian

Hate kills. Over and over again. All who traffic in it, stoke it, normalize it, use it as a basis for political power, and make money off of it should be denounced, discredited, defunded, and voted out of office. Corporate sponsors bear a special responsibility.

@elonmusk  tweeted: "I'm buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in." It's all fun and games Elon until Hunter Biden gets his head stuck in the vending machine.

So our friends lost their sweet setter Pete today. He and some other dogs surprised a black bear while on a hike. Pete bravely protected the rest of the crew who got to safety. Pete later succumbed to his injuries. He was an older guy and went out a true hero. RIP PETE THE HERO!

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IMITATION GAME: This bear lets his inner child out as he jumps in unison with a 5-year-old boy at the Nashville Zoo.

This baby bear stumbling around trying to catch snowflakes is what I needed today...

Just 16, @GretaThunberg  is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates. Recognizing that her generation will bear the brunt of climate change, she’s unafraid to push for real action. She embodies our vision at the @ObamaFoundation : A future shaped by young leaders like her.

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