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'Congress in deep freezer': TMC slams party, says alternative coalition needed to defeat BJP #ITVideo  #India  #Politics  | @iindrojit 

#ANALYSIS : It's been a year of bad behaviour and short-lived policies — so, why aren't more people predicting a Coalition election loss?

Arab coalition destroys ballistic missile launch pad in Yemen’s capital

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#CourageON : No Lockdown on Rights, a multi-sectoral human rights coalition with over 75 member organizations, hailed the CA decision to allow Rappler CE @mariaressa  to go to Oslo in December to personally receive her Nobel Peace Prize.

We've spent nearly a decade building a bipartisan, filibuster-proof coalition to reform the military justice system. It's absurd to me that four men—in a back room with the door closed—could try to subvert the will of so many other members to deny justice.

Members of Scott Morrison's government have been accused of trolling and online abuse on anonymous accounts. These are the anonymous accounts we know about as the Coalition pushes ahead with its "anti-trolling" bill #auspol  [Unlocked]

With a federal election looming, what strategies, stunts and slogans are the Coalition and Labor likely to pull out to get their party over the line? We talk to insiders.

OPINION: Over the last decade, it seemed our leaders were unable, or unwilling, to lead Europe. But the new Germancoalition, headed by Olaf Scholz, could be the final missing piece needed to turn the tide across the Continent.

Having studied the form guide for the turf burners today - I think I have a few good bets for the day - I note the Federal election betting odds: Solid flows for Labor in the past week: Coalition out to $2.30 Labor $1.77 Via @Betfair_Aus  #auspol 

"The Biden administration’s announcement that it will lead a global coalition to control the export of [advanced technology, including spyware] is an important step to address a serious threat to press freedom," said CPJ's @mdedora .

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We have confirmed the @nytimes ⁩ scoop: A Russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan. From @nakashimae ⁩ @missy_ryan ⁩ me and @shaneharris ⁩

A Marine assigned to the 24th MEU calms an infant during an evacuation at #HKIA  Kabul, Aug 20. U.S. service members and coalition partners are assisting the @StateDept  with a Non-combatant Evacuation Operation in #Afghanistan . @USMARCENT  @CENTCOM  #Marines 

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Joe Biden promised "unity" and that's nice! Also, Barack Obama promised unity, and what he meant was "let me ram through Leftist policy priorities, overrun executive limitations, and build a coalition around identity politics, and if you don't like it, you're probably a bigot."

"A leaked confidential document obtained by Breitbart News reveals that a coalition of left-wing groups in Minnesota, fearing a possible Trump win, is preparing for post-election mass unrest while planning to execute wide scale “strategic disruption.”

The Republican coalition is bigger, more diverse, and more energetic than ever before—thanks to President@realDonaldTrump . His efforts to reach every demographic has positively expanded the future of the GOP. Join me for a news conference starting soon.

Trump was told in March that Russia secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill coalition forces in Afghanistan, including US troops, but has taken no action in response. @charlie_savage ⁩ @EricSchmittNYT ⁩ ⁦ @mschwirtz ⁩

Our campaign is committed to building a broad coalition of supporters that is diverse and inclusive. Proud to share one of our newest ads, “Stand Together.”

Trump Campaign Launches ‘Sportsmen for Trump’ Coalition, While Joe Biden Wants to Take Your Guns

Good Lord. Per this story, POTUS was briefed and NSC discussed in March that per US Intel, a notoriously violent Russian GRU unit offered bounties to Taliban-linked terrorists to kill coalition forces, including Americans, in Afghanistan.

Congrats to @JoeBiden on a great night, including his victory in Minnesota! As I said last night, Joe will bring our party together and build a strong coalition to unite this country. And he will win big in November!