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8 months worth of rain fell in just 24 hours on a city of over 10 million people. #ClimateCrisis  #ClimateEmergency 

This has to change fast if UK is to meet Net Zero targets and add 15 million EVs by 2030. #ClimateEmergency 

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'Every person on Earth today is living in a crime scene.' #ClimateEmergency  #ExxonKnew 

Do you like poison ivy? Well then you're going to LOVE the climate crisis. #ClimateCrisis  #ClimateEmergency 

Flagstaff declares state of emergency as Arizona hit by devastating floods #ClimateCrisis  #ClimateEmergency  #Arizona 

Another climate-induced disaster. Shocking images from Nepal. #ActOnClimate  #ClimateEmergency 


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'?????? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ??????' We're going to win this. ✊?✊?✊?✊? #ClimateEmergency 

Golden rule number 1: ? ??????? ???????? ??????? ????? ? #ClimateEmergency 

Antarctica is heating three times faster than the rest of the planet. And that's a problem. #ClimateEmergency 

A heat wave thawed Siberia's tundra. Now, it's on fire. TK13Kmaqjl#ClimateEmergency 

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A 45°C / 113°F heatwave anywhere is worrying. When it's in the Arctic Circle, it's terrifying. WzpMDudxEq#ClimateEmergency 

Though she be but little she is fierce. We're going to win this. ✊?✊?✊?✊? #ClimateEmergency 

“We have never seen anything like this.” This is not normal, this is a #ClimateEmergency .