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Pinellas County deputies arrested Clark Caplan, 44, after they say he sexually battered a woman who gave him a place to spend the night.​

Pinellas County deputies arrested Clark Caplan, 44, after they say he sexually battered a woman who gave him a place to spend the night.​

The additional fee is in response to an emergency ordinance passed by Clark County in August which temporarily capped delivery service fees to 15%.

While most cases and deaths have been in Clark County, the Reno-Sparks area has been hit the hardest in recent weeks.

DRIVE-THRU DISPENSARY: It's a first for Clark County, you can now get drive-thru service at a dispensary. It's at "Blum," near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway.

Clark County had to withdraw $11.55 million from a debt reserve account to help make a scheduled bond payment for @LasVegasStadium  #RJnow 

DoorDash added a $2 “Clark County Fee” to customers who order food delivery from its app, but Commissioner@tsegerblom  told @vmarino09  it's a "misrepresentation." MORE:

Clark County had to withdraw $11.55 million to help make a scheduled bond payment. #RJNow 

Investigators released new details and a video that reveal more of what led up to Clark County deputies shooting and killing a Black man near Hazel Dell in late October.


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Letter to the Clark County, NV District Attorney alleging voter fraud by people who were not legal residents of Clark County.

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Supporters of Pres. Trump knelt in prayer outside the Clark County Election Department in Nevada as votes continue to be tallied nationwide. #Election2020 

Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada. The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!

In a sworn affidavit, an election worker in Clark County, Nevada, claims mail-in ballots were improperly filled out in a Biden-Harris van outside a polling place.

Nevada election integrity expert Megan Barth@Reagan_Baby  reports on dirty voter rolls in Clark County. She turned over years' worth of evidence of "dead people, 114-year-olds, and non-resident" voters to the local FBI office "and they never opened the case. #StopTheSteal 

“VICTOR JOECKS: Clark County election officials accepted my signature — on 8 ballot envelopes”

New Clark County ballots expand Biden's lead in Nevada. I am not aware of a reason to believe that Trump can overcome his deficit in the state

STATUS PA: Trump +18,229 about 163,501 votes left to count GA Biden +1,096 about 10,000 votes left to count AZ Biden +47,052 about 204,000 votes left to count NV Biden +11,438 Clark County has 51K votes left to count, state has 60K provisional ballots left to count

If 90% of the ballots are from Clark County, there's no reason not to call Nevada.

More than 223,000 absentee ballots were returned to Clark County as undeliverable mail during the June primary, according to a new report and confirmed by the Review-Journal