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#AMAY| In a first, Egypt’s Orthodox Church holds mass for Christians in Saudi Arabia

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🔴 The average age of Christians is over 50 for the first time in census history, latest figures reveal.

The Sea of Galilee, whose waters Christians believe Jesus walked upon, is #Israel 's main reservoir and a big tourist draw

Breaking: ONS figures on religion by age are out. The average age of Christians in England and Wales has increased from 45 in 2011 to 51 in 2021. By far the oldest group. Average age for: - Muslims: 27 - No religion: 32 - Hindus and Sikhs: both 37 - Jews: 41 - Buddhist: 43

As Refugees Flood Into U.S., Chinese Christians Told To Wait

Muslims make up youngest religious group in England, with Christians the oldest

It's not just among the youngest groups that those with no religion outnumber Christians in England and Wales If you just look at those aged 66 and under - ie: the entire population below retirement age: - No religion: 41.2% - Christian: 40.8%

The Beatitudes remind us Christians are not to leave anyone alone. #homilytweet 

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30+ graves at a Christian cemetery in Jerusalem were defaced or broken, allegedly by Israeli settlers. Anglican leaders call it a "clear hate crime," condemning rising attacks on Christians in Israel. It comes days after Israel swore in its most right-wing government in history.

In trying to cancel @TonyDungy  are y’all saying Christians, Muslims & Jews who hold to the historic, orthodox beliefs of their faith are no longer welcome in mainstream society? If we can tolerate working with & respecting those w/different beliefs, then u must tolerate us!

I ask all of you to join me in praying for Father Isaac Achi, of the Diocese of Minna in northern Nigeria, who was killed last Sunday in an attack on his rectory. So many Christians continue to be the target of violence. Let us #PrayTogether  for them.

Let us stay united. I invite all Christians to direct their voices together toward Heaven, reciting the Our Father tomorrow, 25 March, at noon. #PrayTogether  #PrayForTheWorld 

Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters, and we must act as such.

Hungary’s PM has just announced according one Delhi newspaper that only Christians will be allowed to immigrate to his country. Hungary will not allow Muslim immigrants. Any howls please?

If true, @ChickfilA  has badly lost its way. Millions of Christians have been proud of ChickFilA’s courageous stands for religious liberty. To fund those who hate your customers is just sad.

"When Jews take over a country, they kill millions of Christians," says a @realDonald Trump supporter arguing against impeachment which he says will start a civil war and the military will have to choose sides. Why do people who hate Jews love Trump?

If only God had left Christians some kind of sacred instructions about how to treat strangers and refugees. . . .

How come it’s so important to liberals to keep religion out of politics if it involves Conservative Christians but when a Muslim women wins a race in MI the biggest thing they tout is that she is a Muslim immigrant from Palestine? Asking for a friend.