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Riverside's Harada House has been declared a historic site.

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Allow me to scream to you (and, over Zoom, Aaron Tveit, Dove Cameron, and Ann Harada) about SCHMIGADOON!

🚨TOMORROW ON DAYBREAK🚨 @Ariel_Plasencia  gets a behind-the-scenes of Kana Harada’s exhibit “Divine Spark” at the @Crow_Collection . Learn about Kana’s vision and how it’s right on time for AAPI #iamupnt #aapih'>Heritage M #iamupnt #AAPIh.

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Voice of #TheBool  Rick McIntosh’s tips for Day 3! ? R1 – 4. Valac R2 – 9. Under The Dunes R3 – 2. Ocular R4 – 10. Diaquin R5 – 12. Lion’s Share R6 – 10. Pres De Toi R7 – 3. Gold Medals R8 – 6. Fighting Harada R9 – 12. Heart Of Puissance R10 – 4. Over The Sky

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Yuichi Harada is the third-generation owner of a clock shop that has been in business for 90 years in Namie, Fukushima. The clocks that stopped were still displayed on the wall which he had been kept from cleaning since the disaster (January 15, 2014) #東日本大震災 #10yearslater 

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In high school, baseball sensation Shohei Ohtani turned to a personal-growth technique called the Harada Method to help him achieve his goals. Among the specific actions: clean his room better and more frequently take out the trash.

Harada, 72, allegedly kicked his wife in her leg at their home in Tokyo on Friday. His wife, in her 50s, called the police.

Opinion: It is not hard to imagine that in five years’ time China’s ambitions and technological progress will determine the state of the world, writes Nikkei's Ryosuke Harada

Harada House: Renovation efforts underway for endangered Riverside landmark with heroic backstory

“I think I am probably part of the last generation who can bear witness to the bombing. Before everything is lost, I want to somehow ensure that our sentiments will resonate into the future.” - Harada Hiroshi, Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor #Hiroshima75 

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STAY HOME. STAY FIT. STAY MIKE Feat. NU Lady Bulldogs’ Samantha Harada ? The Last Shot is a pure GOAT moment #TheLastDance 

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s nomination to replace Yutaka Harada on the Bank of Japan policy board could come as early as Tuesday