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Search for gunman who randomly fatally shot man on Q train in Chinatown

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Final decisions about the project are expected next year. People who live and work in Chinatown-International District say it is all happening too fast.

Singapore core inflation hits 3.3% in April, pair of Chinatown shophouses up for sale with S$53m guide price

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PHOTOS 📸: In the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, more than 40 seniors — most in their 80s and 90s — exercise together twice a week at the Sun Wah Centre, accompanied by three youth workers from the Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice. Photos by Ben Nelms/CBC.

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Read more about the exercise classes that connect immigrant seniors and youth in heart of Vancouver's Chinatown:

Photojournalist Corky Lee chronicled the daily life of Chinatown residents, capturing moments of both celebration and struggle that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by the media

UPDATE: The search continues for a suspect who opened fire on a subway train, killing a man. Police said the suspect fled the Canal Street subway station in Chinatown. @jennamdeangelis  has the latest.

A staple in the Asian community just moved its food bank to a new location in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.

UPDATE: The search continues for a suspect who opened fire on a subway train, killing a man. Police said the suspect fled the Canal Street station in Chinatown. @jennamdeangelis  has the latest on the investigation.

Gun insanity in NYC - this time on the Q subway train in Chinatown. . A man paced the train and stops in front of a man and shoots him in the chest. 48-year-old victim is dead. Killer on the loose.


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THANK YOU everyone for sharing! Raven Smith who went missing in Lanham was found safe in Chinatown and appears to be in good health 🙏

Exhausted by a recent surge in attacks on older Asian Americans in the Bay Area, Jacob Azevedo offered on social media to walk with anyone in Oakland's Chinatown neighborhood to help them feel safe. Within days, nearly 300 others joined his effort.

The dramatic increase in attacks against Asian Americans continues, with another last night in New York City's Chinatown. Activists & lawmakers say they believe the attacks have not been getting enough attention. @weijia  spoke with some who have been impacted by the violence.

Stop blaming Trump for violent incidents against #AsianAmericans . In a simple statement of fact, Trump said the virus came from chinatown'>China—not Chinatown!

Here is Nancy Pelosi on Feb. 24: "Come to Chinatown. Precautions have been taken...We think it's very safe and want others to come.”

So is Trump so stupid that he doesn’t realize Chinatown, in San Francisco, is not located near China, the country, or is he so racist that he thinks being of Chinese descent makes you more likely to have the coronavirus?

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Who will be the brave reporter to ask Pelosi why she was in Chinatown on Feb. 24th pushing people to get out and congregate after Trump’s travel moratorium, since the discussion is delay?

Officials at the Museum of Chinese in America in NYC said that most of the thousands of historic and artistic items it had collected and curated were most likely lost after a fire tore through a Chinatown building

SGH employee praised for helping elderly man stranded on Chinatown overhead bridge for 3 hours

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It’s 2016. Here is a person from Fox News going to Chinatown and asking people if they know karate.