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Japan troops won’t get involved if China takes over Taiwan, Suga says

China's response to Japan and the U.S. mentioning Taiwan in a joint summit statement has been muted, suggesting that maintaining dialogue in climate talks with Washington is a higher priority.

A Japanese commitment to contingencies on the Taiwan Strait carry more of a significance for both the U.S. and China than Tokyo may realize, writes Yuri Momoi.

At the Biden-Suga summit, strong language on China, including a notable mention of Taiwan, was tempered by Suga’s precarious situation at home.

Joe Biden set to approve first arms sale to Taiwan amid China threat

Taiwan to raise "temple militia" of holy villagers to fight off China

Pacific saury stocks are believed to be decreasing due to higher seawater temperatures and aggressive fishing by China and Taiwan in the high seas before the fish reach Japanese coastal waters.

China tensions rocket as Joe Biden set to approve first arms sale to Taiwan

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"The cycle of signalling and counter-signalling in U.S.-China-Taiwan relations has become too dangerous for national leaders to ignore," says @KissingerInst 's Robert Daly.

Why a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a catastrophe for China and the world @jonst0kes  - @doxanotes )


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Breaking NewsTaiwan Semiconductor just confirmed it will open a $12 billion computer chip plant in Arizona. This is a giant win for @realDonaldTrump  America First agenda and a significant blow to China. This brings vital technology supply chain to America. #SecurityandJobs 

? CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS ?? China 41 CONFIRMED CASES ?? China 1300 ?? US 2 ??Australia 1 ?? France 3 ??Nepal 1 ?? Japan 3 ?? Singapore 3 ?? South Korea 2 ?? Taiwan 3 ?? Thailand 5 ?? Vietnam 2 ??Malaysia 3 (Source: VOA/ AFP)

Good morning in sad, jealous tweets. All schools in Taiwan have been open since February. They did not listen to China or WHO in January and immediately masked up and shut down travel. They also traced the hell out of their outbreaks. They were practically done by February.

After China Virus dies, US should immediately: -Recognize Taiwan - Tariff Chinese goods for Virus Relief Fund -Repatriate manufacturing & medicine production -Give tax break to businesses to leave China -Economically invest in India -Deduct $ spent on virus from China Debt

We heard from the third highest person in Chinese embassy that they didn’t like my congratulating Taiwan’s democratically elected ldrs + my recent comments being hard on China. so what!?

? CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS ?? China 26 CONFIRMED CASES ?? China 845 ?? US 2 ?? France 2 ??Nepal 1 ?? Japan 2 ?? Singapore 3 ?? South Korea 2 ?? Taiwan 1 ?? Thailand 4 ?? Vietnam 2 (Source: VOA/ AFP)

📌 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS CNChina 81 CONFIRMED CASES CN China 2700 US US 5 AU Australia 5 FR France 3 NP Nepal 1 JPJapan 4 SGSingapore 4 KRSouth Korea 4 TWTaiwan 5 THThailand 8 VNVietnam 2 MY Malaysia 4 KHCambodia 1 (Source: VOA/ AFP)

They were made in places like: Mexico China Vietnam Honduras Hong Kong Taiwan South Korea Singapore Bangladesh Oman