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As videos of Marin partying circulated online this week, some critics called her behavior childish. But many others said the prime minister's age and gender make her a particular target for criticism in a world led mostly by older men.

Childish, silly and very slightly amusing from @PaulGoodmanCH 

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“Museveni has never hidden his disdain for opposition parties, threatening to wipe them from the map of #Uganda . He also believes that the Western world notion that opposition parties are meant to hold the government accountable is 'childish’.

Panic! At the Disco's Viva Las Vengeance is a mess of childish wordplay

@mommamia1217  So are the Dems going to call for fake election and contest it and spend ooodles of taxpayer $? Nope! Because they aren’t childish!

@LadeBackk  Stocks don’t only go up. You can literally say that every single stock will go down… and be right. This is just getting silly. So childish.

A childish science writer writes: I'm trying to find a particular bit in John Venn's The Logic of Chance, and I've learnt that when he talks about a coin coming up heads, he calls it "giving head". "If it gives head I receive one pound." "However many times head may be given."

Glad I’m at my good friends house for his daughters 4th Birthday. For those telling me to go on spaces & entertain childish egoistic drama. Everyone be better ❤️ Much more important things in life than #fintwit  Dick measuring contests. #otcunity  😂

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Blaming the broker, mentor, signals, streamer, news, article or any other third party source for your trading failures is childish. Stop being a victim and take responsibility for your financial decisions as an adult.

"Nazis stand alone in the modern history of evil and calling every bigot and tyrant one of those goose-stepping sadists is emotionally childish," columnist Bill Cotterell writes.


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Sinema delivers the Senate’s stupidest speech by a Democrat in an edge of tears voice to give childish words a melodramatic effect.

Klepper to Matt Gaetz: "Isn't this a little bit childish, Matt, or is that what attracts you to this?"

Did you catch all the themes in Childish Gambino's “This is America”?

By substituting threat and insult for actual diplomacy, Trump has descended to Kim Jong Un's level. Childish, dangerous, unproductive.

Ms Pelosi, that sheaf of paper you tore up last night contained the names of heroes whose boots you are not worthy to shine, Ordinary Americans who faced great tradegy and won Your disdain and childish anger showed America how you really feel about we the people Youre a disgrace

OK Paul, here's my caption: 'Smug, toxic, under-performing, childish £100 million d*ckhead uses worst possible moment to be a smart-arse'.

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This is the collection of quotes that he has blocked me for broadcasting. It would be very childish if you were to retweet the original tweet below with, say, his twitter handle attached. Very childish. Pathetic, in fact.

This Nigerian rapper tweaked Childish Gambino's “This is America” and came up with this brilliant piece of satire.

Wish @realDonaldTrump  spent as much time doing his job as he does bullying female TV hosts. Unpresidential, offensive and childish.

Very proud of for standing up to this President. He can use all the childish nicknames he wants, but it will take a lot more than that to intimidate our Senator.