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I feel like you are either on etherscan in pajamas all day, or on a first class flight to Dubai. There is no in between

New underwear by @monkiworld  is patterned with positive affirmations. While the messages can be powerful for anyone to absorb, the fashion brand is specifically considering those at risk of developing body dysmorphia, estimated to affect 1 in 50 people.

people who roll out of bed and walk their dog in their stained scrabble pants pajamas. absolutely discussing.

#COTI showed a strong correction and now the price is chic to set a position. I decided to buy some more coins in order to move into the zone - 20 cents. $COTI

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Good people want a society that is inclusive—not merely for the groups now chic to defend, but for all, writes @CardinalDolan 

A chic new wine bar in Sydney is serving up a Heinz tinned spaghetti and cheese jaffle! The nostalgia is a big part of what makes this a hit with their customers - but would you pay the $10? FULL STORY:

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This Chic New Hotel in Paris Is the Perfect Place to Experience the City Like a Local

This couple's loved ones gathered on the Greek island of Sifnos for a chic, laid-back wedding celebration with Mediterranean flair

the government don't take too kindly to adult children in pajamas

Austin Butler is a Hollywood heartthrob at Oscars 2023 in a chic black tuxedo


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Simplicity outlined with a sporty chic perspective through #JacksonWang  in the #VersaceByFendi  Collection on a #LOfficielPH  editorial. #FendiEditorials 

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What we’re witnessing in real time is what happens when state leaders, like Dan Patrick, spend years focused on bathrooms and Chic-fil-a rather than actual issues of state governance like infrastructure and energy. Texas needs real, honest leadership now.

7-year-old boy writes a love letter to his pit bull — then puts pajamas on him before bed ❤️

Freezer storing vaccines breaks Thursday night in Seattle. Medical center posts urgent message, sets up 11 p.m.-2 a.m. appointments before doses expire. Hundreds show up in pajamas and robes to receive vaccine. All doses administered. - @KING5Seattle 

Things that vloggers swear by: 1. Air fryers? 2. Anastasia contour kit 3. Thousand dollar glow ups including eyelash extensions 4. Serata hot sauce and coffee 5. Gummybear hair care 6. Insta pot 7. Personal trainers 8. Girl weekend getaways 9. Pajamas during day 10. Spray tan

I just ate 16 chic-fil-a nuggets

From polished ponytails that can be fixed in no time at all, to catwalk-approved finishing touches, Irene from #RedVelvet  is your new source of chic and easy hair inspiration.

#GUCCI_KAI trends worldwide following Kai's chic appearance at a 'Gucci' fashion show

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Donald Trump picks Mike Pence as his VP, expanding his base to 3 more homophobic white guys who purchase ammo at Walmart in their pajamas.