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Jeffrey Shiau, 35, a volunteer from the crowd, spits water into the mouth of Sam Kaufman, 27, a performer from the Human Fountains, during a reopening party as COVID restrictions are gradually lifted in Los Angeles. More photos of the day: 📷 Cheney Orr

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LOOK: A volunteer from the crowd spits water into the mouth of Sam Kaufman, a performer from the Human Fountains, during the reopening party held as restrictions are gradually lifted in Los Angeles, California on June 15. Photo by Cheney Orr/Reuters

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‘Despicable’: Cheney Blasts Gosar For Efforts To ‘Smear’ Officers Who Protected Capitol On Jan. 6

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cheney'>Liz Cheney says it was 'disgusting and despicable' for fellow GOP Rep. Paul Gosar to accuse Capitol Police of 'lying in wait' for Jan. 6 rioter Ashli Babbitt

Cheney: 'It is disgusting and despicable' to see Gosar 'lie' about Jan. 6 - The Hill

"You’re sick Paul, sadly." Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney had some harsh words for their House colleague, Rep. Paul Gosar, who said Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt was "executed" on January 6th by an officer "lying in wait."

Cheney: 'It is disgusting and despicable' to see Gosar 'lie' about Jan. 6

‘You’re Sick Paul’: Kinzinger, Cheney Slam GOP Rep. Gosar for Saying Capitol Rioter Was ‘Executed’ by Officer ‘Lying in Wait’

LOOK: Kids and adults alike visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California on Wednesday, June 15, following the continued easing of #COVID19Quarantine  restrictions in the United States. | via Cheney Orr, @Reuters 


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cheney'>Liz Cheney has been removed from House Leadership for speaking the truth. In the end, truth will prevail.

No more lectures about cancel culture from the idiots that are cancelling cheney'>Liz Cheney for simply telling the truth.

Cheney: “Every one of us who has sworn the oath must act to prevent the unraveling of our democracy. This is not about policy. This is not about partisanship. This is about our duty as Americans. Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar.”

Every person of conscience draws a line beyond which they will not go: cheney'>Liz Cheney refuses to lie. As one of my Republican Senate colleagues said to me following my impeachment vote: “I wouldn’t want to be a member of a group that punished someone for following their conscience.”

Liz Cheney’s favorables in WY are slightly worse than her fathers shooting skills... it’s time to get this RINO out of GOP leadership! Leadership is supposed to raise $, recruit new members, and lead. She has literally done none of those things!

"The censure resolution passed in a unanimous vote by the 45-member central committee." Washington Times: cheney'>Liz Cheney censured in Wyoming for vote to impeach Trump: 'Did not represent our voice'

It is beyond wild that the Republican Party is trying to decide who to support...Q Anon Lady or Liz Cheney. That this is a difficult choice for them says everything you need to know.

cheney'>Liz Cheney is going to keep her job, and the secret ballot vote shows you how many Republicans can’t say out loud they oppose(d) Trump but do oppose him in private

cheney'>Liz Cheney is only upset because I have been actively getting our great and beautiful Country out of the ridiculous and costly Endless Wars. I am also making our so-called allies pay tens of billions of dollars in delinquent military costs. They must, at least, treat us fairly!!!