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Here are the 3-biggest differences between GPT-4 and ChatGPT 👇

I asked ChatGPT to help me plan a vacation. Here’s what happened next.

How podcasters use ChatGPT and other AI tools in their workflows — and what listeners think the rules should be

Hendersonville police are actively investigating this threat.

The more I prod and poke and ChatGPT, MidJourney / Stable Diffusion and all the rest, the more I think this is amazing for everything *except* general search

Elmwood Park students stage walk out, protesting school's response to 'potential threat'

Duolingo shared more details on its latest subscription tier following a recent earnings call announcement that it would partner with ChatGPT makers OpenAI.

Emory University has entered into an agreement with Pfizer to develop new drugs and treatments designed to prevent severe illness from COVID-19, which remains a major health threat in the U.S. and around the globe.

Zebras are not considered a dangerous exotic animal required to be registered under Ohio law, and as such the other zebras are not under threat of confiscation.


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ChatGPT to the mainstream media

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IMPACT SUCCESS! Watch from #DARTMIssion ’s DRACO Camera, as the vending machine-sized spacecraft successfully collides with asteroid Dimorphos, which is the size of a football stadium and poses no threat to Earth.

Zelensky to Putin: "Good Lord, what do you want? Leave our land. If you don't want to leave now, sit down with me at the negotiating table. But not from 30 meters away, like with Macron and Scholz. Sit down with me and talk. What are you afraid of? We're no threat to anyone."

LISTEN to this death threat against my children. Since the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump, McCarthy, and MAGA Republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. Someone is going to get killed.

Heatwaves should not be covered with kids eating ice cream or romping around in fountains. Cover extreme heat as a threat not a vacation. We don't cover the approach of a hurricane as great potential kite flying weather

White Americans are the biggest terror threat in U.S., study finds

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In butter yellow suits, members of @BTS_twt  pose backstage at the #AMAs  after winning three trophies: artist of the year, favorite pop song and favorite pop group or duo. #BTSxAMAs 

#Nigeria military shooting #EndSARS  protesters in Lekki — one of few thriving hubs for middle class — signals the government not only doesn’t care for “middle class” democratic and economic aspirations/struggles but actively sees them as a threat

Joe Biden will inherit from Trump: The worst economy since the Great Depression, the worst public health crisis in 100 years, massive wealth inequality, the existential threat of climate change, a racist immigration system. These unprecedented crises demand unprecedented action.

Father of Parkland victim slams NRA videos: "If this was put out by a terrorist organization, we would be raising the terror threat level in this country. Why are we letting this lobby have anything to do with DC? I don't understand it!"