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"Vaccines offer us the freedom to participate, the freedom to circulate back in the world, the freedom to be human again," @colindickey  writes. Reframing the debate around whether or not to get vaccinated as a pathway to freedom could change some minds:

#climateresilience #sustainabilityClimate  change is upon the world — 2021 alone has seen extreme heatwaves across North America, extraordinary rainfall in China & flooding in Germany... Read this week's edition of #TimesEvoke 

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With climate change fueling high temperatures across the Arctic, Greenland lost enough ice to cover the state of Florida in 2 inches of water, scientists said

The monetary policy committee (MPC) of the central bank is unlikely to change policy rates in August, opting to keep the repo rate at 4% and the policy corridor unchanged, said Radhika Rao, senior economist at DBS.

"Now is our chance to rebuild U.S. public schools to address both climate change and racial inequality"

Every iPhone user needs to change their settings NOW or risk being hacked

Help poison the data Big Tech uses to surveil you. Demand change.

Substitution costs about €250m a year in trend linked to demographics and policy change

Parson signs police reform bill, including KCPD residency change opposed by mayor

@TasimKahn  Hi, At the moment, flights from Pakistan are suspended till the 07th of August. But, flight operations can change at any time. We'd suggest keeping an eye on our travel updates . DM us for anything else. Thanks.


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Let’s all be part of the change. #UntilWeAllWin 

Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.

Today, every view of this video helps create positive change. All you need to do is watch it and Bell will donate 5¢ more to Canadian mental health initiatives. Retweet to help spread the word! #BellLetsTalk 

I wrote out some thoughts on how to make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change––and pulled together some resources to help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action.

Many of the court cases being filed all over the Country are not ours, but rather those of people that have seen horrible abuses. Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!


This is not a political issue this is a human rights issue. This is systematic racism and oppression at the hands of law enforcement in our country. We want justice and we want change. It shouldn't have happened once and it should never happen again. This is not a discussion.

As millions of people across the country take to the streets and raise their voices in response to the killing of George Floyd and the ongoing problem of unequal justice, I’ve heard many ask how we can sustain momentum to bring about real change.

Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory, or an acceptance of the way things are. It's a celebration of progress. It's an affirmation that despite the most painful parts of our history, change is possible––and there is still so much work to do.

Italy has banned weddings and funerals for 16 million people. Japan has closed schools for a month. France and Iraq have banned public gatherings. The U.N. has canceled all physical meetings to address climate change. Americans are uncertain what to do about Coachella.