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"There's a lot of slack in the labor market and a long way to go to maximum employment," chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell says in his testimony before the House.

Chair Powell, what is your main goal now? Well, I figure if we do lots of virtue-signaling about helping minorities, and saving the climate, stuff like that, you clowns in Congress will continue to ignore the staggering growth in wealth inequality we worsen every day. Thank you

chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell: - Haven't yet seen the labor market scarring we were concerned about - Labor market has come back faster and bankruptcies have been lower than anticipated - Prospect to get back to a much better place in the second half of the year #Fed  $USD

Rep. @AyannaPressley  grills chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell on women, especially Black women, losing their jobs in the last year: ‘How does the undercounting of unemployment prevent us from achieving an equitable economic recovery?’

If the decision had to be made TODAY, who would you prefer to see as the next chair'>Fed Chair?

"We will be communicating as clearly as possible and as far in advance as possible how we perceive the path of progress toward those goals," chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell says. The Fed wants to see actual progress, not forecasted progress, he adds.

Chair Powell, do you see your policies as contributing to the huge disparity between Main Street and Wall Street? Yes, of course, I'm not an idiot - but I have to deny it. Why? Well, people might try to rein us in. My time is up.

chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell: - The public and the world have confidence in the dollar #Fed  $USD

Maxine Waters: Our next questioner for Chair Powell is Congressman Smith. Congressman Smith, go ahead. Congressman Smith? No?


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McConnell is threatening to filibuster the Organizing Resolution which allows Democrats to assume the committee Chair positions. It’s an absolutely unprecedented, wacky, counterproductive request. We won the Senate. We get the gavels.

Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon and transition to exec. board chair later this year. He made $90 billion last year during the pandemic while: ◾️He cut hazard pay in June ◾️He fired workers for trying to unionize ◾️At least 20,000 workers tested positive for #COVID19 

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Jeff Bezos did not "quit". He is becoming the Executive Chair of the Amazon Board. He will be even more powerful while avoiding the media scrutiny. More power. Less accountability.

Lindsay Graham, who will be chair of Senate Budget Committee if R's control Senate next year, says it's time for “a dialogue about how we can finally begin to address the debt.” But it wasn't time when he voted a $1.9 trillion tax cut for the wealthy and big corporations.

George Stinney Jr. He was fourteen. Three months after being arrested, he was executed on this day in 1944. They used a bible as a booster seat when they sat him in the electric chair. Seventy years later, he was exonerated for the murder of 2 white girls.

Arsenal have made Guardiola lose his mind, he's started talking to an empty chair 😭😂

NEW: After assuring the public about the government's coronavirus preparedness, Senate IntelchairRichard Burr, in one day, sold off up to $1.6 million is stock. A week later, the market began its fall. His committee was receiving daily briefings.

There's a chair in calums bathroom

.@JoeBiden must accept responsibility for his surrogate telling our campaign co-chairSenator@ninaturner  that she doesn't have standing to invoke the words of Dr. King. That is unacceptable and Joe must apologize to Nina and all the people of color supporting our campaign.