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"It is time for CEOs to step up as moral leaders. This will require acting with transparency, integrity, and a view to lasting impact — not short-term revenue, profit, or share price gains."

Column: What happens to businesses when their CEOs become extremists?

A former Google engineer and some ex-CEOs were on the long list of recipients of Trump's last-minute presidential pardons

From Henry Ford to Mike Lindell: What happens to businesses when their CEOs become extremists?

Column: What happens to businesses when their CEOs go nuts?

Trump Pardons Business Figures, Financiers: A former Google engineer and some ex-CEOs were on the long list of recipients of last-minute presidential pardons. ^WSJ #Business  #Finance  #CFO 

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Those who oppose raising the minimum wage argue that giving workers a few more dollars an hour will kill jobs/raise prices; but never seem to mind when CEOs get huge multimillion dollar raises and bonuses. The argument doesn't apply then. Something I keep thinking about

read any good articles about ceos whining about ceos lately?

Column: What happens to businesses when their CEOs become extremists?


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Mitch McConnell's "new" COVID relief bill gives CEOs a 100% tax deduction for a 3-martini lunch, but ZERO to the 26 million who don't have enough food to eat. Yes. The Republicans l-o-v-e corporate socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the rest. Ain't gonna happen.

In my absolutely darkest moments right after the 2016 election I could not imagine this moment: thousands of Americans dying a day, an economic contraction to rival the Great Depression and Trump just listing off the names of CEOs while congratulating himself for a job well done

Here’s what separates @JoeBiden  and me from Donald Trump and Mike Pence: We know that educators, electrical workers, and working Americans are the true backbone of the American economy—not CEOs and hedge fund managers. And when elected, we will work every day to deliver for them.

Reading the Republican coronavirus bill, you'd think the most important people in America are corporate CEOs. That is wrong. Our essential workers include: 👩‍⚕️Health workers 🚚Delivery and warehouse workers 🥗Food workers 👷‍♀️Transit workers We must put their needs ahead of CEOs.

Good morning. Yesterday Republicans introduced their stimulus bill that cuts unemployment benefits by $1,600 a month and increases the ability of CEOs to deduct the costs of business lunches. Vote them all out.

This is what a rigged and corrupt economy looks like: -Stock market: Best monthly gains in 33 years -Unemployment: Worst since the Great Depression We have got to fundamentally change the economy. ceos'>Wall Street CEOs should not be profiteering off of so much pain and suffering.

Amazon paid $0 in taxes on $11 billion in annual profits. But it asks workers to “donate” their paid leave to others who are sick. Workers and taxpayers are expected to be generous. ceos—even'>Corporate CEOs—even during a pandemic—can be as stingy as they want.

1. McConnell’s bill is a $500,000,000,000.00 corporate slush fund that supremely benefits CEOs and the ultra rich — while LEAVING WORKERS, FAMILIES and CHILDREN OUT TO DRY. A thread of specifics of why the McConnell Bill sucks.

Here is the truth: $7.25 an hour is not enough to live on. Workers deserve a living wage of at least $15 an hour. Women must have equal pay for equal work. CEOs should not be making 300x what their workers do.

1. Excellent. I’ve never seen a more transparent, thorough, and professional presentation and discussion of a national and serious health matter by any president or administration — surrounded by experts and CEOs — as I saw today.