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Here, @BuzzFeedBen  gets what social-media CEOs don't, or can't say they do when asked about rankings for Trump propagandists: "That’s not bias. It’s because sites like The Gateway Pundit are full of falsehoods, and because the president says false things a lot."

The big 5 high-tech companies now account for more than a quarter of the value of the entire US economy. Their CEOs have more economic and political power than the robber barons of the Gilded Age.

And when students around the world complained about the problems with invigilation tools, the CEOs of these massively profitable ed-tech profiteers did what any responsible exec would do: they doxxed their underaged critics. 5/

ceos'>Black CEOs and business leaders in the Bay Area give their perspectives on protests, and justice.​

This year, CEOs and politicians have been eager to weepily indict “systemic racism”—but they’ve been unsurprisingly quiet on the problem of institutional racism.

ceos'>Digital CEOs ride out lockdown and call for future changes ... particularly strong comments from @matt_barrie 

“For people who are in the business of hiring and firing C.E.O.s, Donald Trump should have been fired a while ago” said one Biden donor who gave 200k in June. Wall Street may not exactly be falling in love with Joe Biden. But they are falling in line.

Their reasons range from pragmatic (a more progressive candidate would raise taxes more) to ideological (some say they are worried about democracy). One PE exec: “For people who are in the business of hiring and firing C.E.O.s, Donald Trump should have been fired a while ago.”

Following Walmart CEO’s commitment to sourcing twenty key commodities more sustainably by the year 2025, the nationwide superstore has shifted its focus to beef.

The CEOs of some of Australia's leading online and communications companies say they are performing well in lockdown and that Australia's economy must become more sophisticated.


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In my absolutely darkest moments right after the 2016 election I could not imagine this moment: thousands of Americans dying a day, an economic contraction to rival the Great Depression and Trump just listing off the names of CEOs while congratulating himself for a job well done

Reading the Republican coronavirus bill, you'd think the most important people in America are corporate CEOs. That is wrong. Our essential workers include: 👩‍⚕️Health workers 🚚Delivery and warehouse workers 🥗Food workers 👷‍♀️Transit workers We must put their needs ahead of CEOs.

Good morning. Yesterday Republicans introduced their stimulus bill that cuts unemployment benefits by $1,600 a month and increases the ability of CEOs to deduct the costs of business lunches. Vote them all out.

This is what a rigged and corrupt economy looks like: -Stock market: Best monthly gains in 33 years -Unemployment: Worst since the Great Depression We have got to fundamentally change the economy. ceos'>Wall Street CEOs should not be profiteering off of so much pain and suffering.

Amazon paid $0 in taxes on $11 billion in annual profits. But it asks workers to “donate” their paid leave to others who are sick. Workers and taxpayers are expected to be generous. ceos—even'>Corporate CEOs—even during a pandemic—can be as stingy as they want.

SCOOP: One of the nation's top health care CEOs tells her firm's doctors & nurses there'll be no hazard pay in the #coronavirus  crisis. She makes at least $2 million a year. Maybe over $5m. (Her corp. includes Mass General hosp.) Please read, RT & share.

President @realDonaldTrump  and Vice President@mike_pence  met with airline CEOs earlier to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on air travel.

1. McConnell’s bill is a $500,000,000,000.00 corporate slush fund that supremely benefits CEOs and the ultra rich — while LEAVING WORKERS, FAMILIES and CHILDREN OUT TO DRY. A thread of specifics of why the McConnell Bill sucks.

Here is the truth: $7.25 an hour is not enough to live on. Workers deserve a living wage of at least $15 an hour. Women must have equal pay for equal work. CEOs should not be making 300x what their workers do.

1. Excellent. I’ve never seen a more transparent, thorough, and professional presentation and discussion of a national and serious health matter by any president or administration — surrounded by experts and CEOs — as I saw today.