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Nearly 100 refugee children at a learning centre in Indonesia were given playing cards illustrated with people in a boat on heavy seas and stamped with the Australian government coat of arms, staff claim [FREE TO READ] #auspol 

EXCLUSIVE: Staff at a refugee learning centre in Indonesia allege that children as young as four were handed packs of anti-refugee playing cards with Australian government branding. @AmberMaySchultz  and @ImogenChampagne  report [FREE TO READ] #auspol 

The Australian Border Force & Department of Home Affairs have yet to confirm whether the Australian government played a role in printing or distributing the cards. Staff at the centre said the cards are racist propaganda and further stoke racial tensions.

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Contract sheds light about what one company's unarmed security cards are tasked with doing to keep CTA safe

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Cards Against Humanity, Party game for horrible people Card game for adults "In Search of Great Products." #AmazonAffiliate  #Paidlink5 

Congratulations to my sponsor @elgatogaming  on 10 years! They've released so much gear over this time that I use every day. I genuinely couldn't stream the way I do without my streamdecks, lighting setups, and internal capture cards.

Money doesn’t grow on trees🌳...but gas cards do💳! FOX 5 is giving away a $300 Gas Card every Wednesday and Friday in May! Visit to learn more - and WATCH weekdays from 5-8AM f #GoodDayAtlantar  your chance to win! #Goodluck 

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cards' alt='vicscards' /'>@vicscards  @julioruanoC  @Elliott0924o  @sports_sellrrect , this showed up organically in my feed. That's how Twitter works. You can price your stuff and whatever you want, heck I champion ignoring low ending auction sales for rarer cards, but it's not exactly like this offer was irrational.


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Flowers and cards are wonderful—but this Mother’s Day, every mom deserves a Senator that is prepared to codify their right to choose into law.

The Elon news is crowding out a significantly funnier story: Russia staged a fake bust of alleged Ukrainian Nazi assassins, and the guy tasked with assembling the paraphernalia for the photo bought three copies of The Sims instead of three SIM cards

Seven goals. Over 30 legends. Under 23 huge talents. Two different, top managers. The next Ballon d’Or winner. Only two cards in 90 minutes. One ‘Panenka’ penalty. It wasn’t a game - it was a movie. ⭐️ #UCL  Good news: we’ve another one in 8 days. Champions League football 🏆✨

A @DCPoliceDept  officer says off-duty police officers and members of the military, who were among the rioters, flashed their badges and I.D. cards as they attempted to overrun the US Capitol. via @politico 

My hotel in Moscow asked me to settle the bill early because they aren’t sure if credit cards are going to work once SWIFT sanctions kick in.

Visa and Mastercard are raising the fee they take from merchants for accepting credit cards. Both firms are highly profitable. They're doing this because they can, and apparently coordinating their moves. Why doesn't this violate antitrust law?

Hello Dustin! I accepted the @ufc  offer to fight you, but told them it must happen in 2020. I’m ready for Nov 21st, given that cards recent injury issues, as well as any of the December dates, the 12th and the 19th. I’ll also still donate the $500k to The Good Fight Foundation ?

“Pro-Biden effort offered Native Americans $25-$500 Visa gift cards and jewelry to vote”

The Democrats in Congress yesterday were vicious and totally showed their cards for everyone to see. When the Republicans had the Majority they never acted with such hatred and scorn! The Dems are trying to win an election in 2020 that they know they cannot legitimately win!

9-year-old cancer patient asks for cards to celebrate 'last Christmas early

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