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Cancun, Mexico shark attack: 10-year-old boy speaks out after being severely bitten on spring break

Cancun, Mexico shark attack: 10-year-old boy speaks out after being severely bitten on spring break

Hillsong spending is jaw-dropping. Church funds were spent on a 3-day luxury retreat in Cancun, which cost a staggering $150,000, a $6500 Cartier watch for Bobbie Houston, $2500 for Louis Vuitton luggage & $16,000 for custom skateboards. @jamesmassola 

The seaweed, which can also cause pollution and threaten human health as it decays, has already begun to creep onto the shores of Key West, Fla. In Mexico, “excessive” levels of the seaweed were recorded last month choking beaches south of Cancun.

Amid headlines about drug cartel-related violence, college students and families have their eye on Mexican destinations like Cancún for spring break.

any recommendations for things to do in cancun? (that don’t usually pop up first on google)

With Spring Break right around the corner, some feel a trip to Cancun or other tourist destinations in Mexico may not be as safe after the kidnapping of four South Carolinians.

This year, Mexico is a hot spring break destination yet again, with AAA listing Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Mexico City as popular getaways for 2023.

Popular Mexican spring break destinations for college students, such as Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta, are grappling with violence — along with the glamorous vacation spots of Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco and Cancun. Here are the places to avoid, per @StateDept 


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Remember that time Ted Cruz was the worst person in the world for being in Cancun with his family during a giant freeze in Texas, while Joe Biden just took off for St. Croix and Eric Adams to the Virgin Islands during the worst freezing weather event in decades, to media shrugs?

The Brooklyn bus is off to Cancun 🚌

@tedcruz  @CNNRather  than running off to Cancun in tough times, @clarissawardis  risking her life to tell the world what's happening. That’s called bravery. Instead of RTing a conspiracy theorist’s misleading soundbite, perhaps your time would be better spent helping Americans in harm’s way.

I think @SenTedCruz  is desperately trying to rebrand from the “inspired a deadly insurrection” motherfucker to the “left my constituents to freeze to death so I could go to Cancun” motherfucker, but luckily he can be both. He’s just that big a motherfucker.

NEW: Ted Cruz booked his return ticket from Cancun to Texas at 6 a.m. today, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Cruz was initially booked to return on Saturday.

Houston Police Chief@ArtAcevedo  said his department had been contacted by Senator Ted Cruz’s staff for assistance at the airport Wednesday for his trip to Cancun, CNN has confirmed.

Ted Cruz tweeting a glowing tribute to Rush Limbaugh from a resort in Cancun (where he flew tonight while his constituents are literally freezing to death) is peak @GOP .

Cruz’s office has not responded to photos on social media showing him traveling to Cancun. They haven’t confirmed or denied anything yet, not responding since last night. Comes as residents in Texas are left without running water or power amid the winter storm.

Guy approaches me while standing in line at coffee shop in Cancún. Him: my friend says you are a famous person. Is that true? Me: that depends on your definition of fame Him: will you show up on Google if I search your name? Me: yes Him (typing into phone): you are Tony Stark?

Trump,this beautiful Cancun. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

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