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Why is @DIRECTV  purging conservative cable channels from its lineup? We stand with @NEWSMAX  #CancelCulture 

ya'll dont cancel anything good - like bills. thats why I dont trust that real people are behind #CancelCulture 

Shoutout to $cc and that sexy ass, coiled up chart… lfg baybeee 🥰 #CancelCulture 

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'I am canceled': @AlanDersh  is still heartbroken Martha's Vineyard despises him #MarthasVineyard  #CancelCulture 

There’s no need to ‘cancel’ Laurence Fox – despite his swastika Pride flag stunt | @_SeanOGrady  #CancelCulture 


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'Wake up': Jim Acosta blasts Fox News for 'cult of Trump' panic over 'cancel culture' #CancelCulture 

If you ever canceled the Dixie Chicks, then maybe STFU with your #CancelCulture  bullshit.

No #CancelCulture  can rival Murdoch’s. Today’s NY Post lavishes space on NYT’s controversial staff exits. Zero news about Lou Dobbs.

Some things being labeled as #CancelCulture  are actually examples of #Accountability .