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"The problem is because people worship celebrities... but we are humans too." Grime star Ghetts tells @MinnieSteph5  why he’s against cancel culture and reveals his mum is praying for his success.

Grime artist @therealghetts  tells Channel 4 News' @minniestephenson  why he's against cancel culture.

I wonder if @MonicaLewinsky  tells stories about the time she met me and I gave her a beer. We’re talking cancel culture, flat earthers, and James Brown on Part 2 of #BillBert  Ep. 49 with @joederosacomedy  and @billburr . Link below!

Rush Limbaugh was “patient zero” of today’s cancel culture. @brianglicklich  tells the inside story of how he handled the efforts to discredit him.

Glenn Greenwald: everyone not exactly like me and who questions any of my statements is the worst and should be canceled, but not in a “cancel culture” way. It is excellent to have an absolute arbiter of all matters gender, culture, and politics.

A white man voicing a fictional black character for thirty years is apparently unacceptable to today's woke cancel culture mob...

Ahead of CPAC, I asked ACU chairman Matt Schlapp a version of the question people were asking this week: Is it ironic for an anti-"cancel culture" event, to disinvite Young Pharoah over anti-semitic tweets? (I don't think so but I was curious.)

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The "Late Show" host mocks CPAC for canceling a speaker at its anti-cancel culture event.

House Subcommittee Holds Hearing On Media Disinformation, But Republicans Likely To Focus On ‘Cancel Culture’


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“Unity and healing” doesn’t happen with cancel culture and impeachment.

Ah yes, cancel culture: formerly known as “consequences”

Twitter is going wild with their flags, trying hard to suppress even the truth. Just shows how dangerous they are, purposely stifling free speech. Very dangerous for our Country. Does Congress know that this is how Communism starts? Cancel Culture at its worst. End Section 230!

Once more: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CANCEL CULTURE. There is free speech. You can say and do as you pls, and others can choose never to deal this you, your company or your products EVER again. The rich and powerful are just upset that the masses can now organize their dissent.

Oh no! What is going on? This is not good news, even for “Indians”. Cancel culture at work!

I spoke to highly respected (Chairman) Senator @JimInhofe, who has informed me that he WILL NOT be changing the names of our great Military Bases and Forts, places from which we won two World Wars (and more!). Like me, Jim is not a believer in “Cancel Culture”.

Cancel culture is dumb. You guys are basically normalizing that people can’t make mistakes when the fact is, nobody is perfect.

Does anyone notice that the real Polls, as opposed to the Fake Suppression Polls also used in 2016, are starting to define Sleepy Joe Biden as someone totally ill-equipped to control the Radical Left, Crime, Cancel Culture, or to even come close to me on REBUILDING THE ECONOMY?