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The moments before bystanders rushed inside a burning home in Jacksonville’s Brentwood neighborhood were captured on a TikTok video.

The attack drew international attention after police initially said bystanders should have intervened. Authorities later said they believe passengers didn't realize a rape was occurring.

‘Mass Casualty Event’ Reported At Waukesha Christmas Parade After Car Plows Through Police Barricade, Shoots At Bystanders#WallSt 

UNH to study youth bystanders to peers’ self-harm #nh 

Witnesses have told of fear and chaos in Currie Street after a young man was stabbed in a nightclub queue. Bystanders leapt to his aid as police searched for the suspect who has been charged with attempted murder. 7NEWS Adelaide at 6pm | @msariovski  #7NEWS 

Gun violence erupted at retail outlets crowded with post-Thanksgiving holiday shoppers in North Carolina and Washington state on Friday, sending bystanders at both locations scurrying for cover, police said. #etribune  #latest  #news 

Bystanders being asked to help if they see an officer being assaulted

As a 16 day campaign led by the UN begins to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Battered Women’s Support Services has created a toolkit for bystanders of gendered violence to help survivors.

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Mom, baby reunite with Yonkers officers, bystanders who rescued them after drunk driving crash

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Mom, baby reunite with Yonkers officers, bystanders who rescued them after drunk driving crash

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These bastards put Daniel Hale in prison for revealing that nine out of ten people they kill with drone strikes are bystanders, but they won't even slap somebody on the wrist when their criminal negligence buries the full ten perfectly innocent lives.

Stop violations in occupied East Jerusalem. @AmnestyOnline 's been on the ground & witnessed Israeli forces use of excessive force against protesters and bysta #Israelders . must end use of unlawful force & forced evictions of Palestinians. Int'l community must hold Israel accountable.

The thing that was so chilling about the George Floyd death scene was Chauvin’s defiant stare at horrified bystanders as he kneeled on Floyd’s neck. Today, a jury stared back. Chauvin stands convicted of murder. Justice was done.

yo gawking bystanders: its worth seeing how fast everyone who "loved" Ellen turns on her so quickly. the low barrier to entry in canceling people means even the least-cancellable can go at any time. Including you.

Peaceful protest in East Meadow, NY (Long Island): An officer abruptly stops so the protestor walking behind him bumps into the cop. Then the man is violently arrested. Bystanders: “they kneeled on his neck & had about 6 officers holding him down.”

Black woman dumps paint on the "Black Liver Matter" mural painted in front of Trump Tower in NYC. The woman chanted "Refund the police," while accusing bystanders of not caring about black lives. ? : @Doranimated 

If you think your rights have been violated while protesting, try to do the following: Write down everything you remember including officers' badge or patrol car numbers. Get bystanders' contact information for witnesses. Take photos of any injuries.

It’s so deeply disturbing and utterly heartbreaking to see all the despicable acts of violence carried out by law inforcement officers on unarmed peaceful protestors, bystanders & people just trying to get home. For fuck’s sake. With the world watching they carry on. Sickening.

Videos showing police officers using batons, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets on protesters, bystanders and journalists have highlighted the complaints about police behavior that have drawn protests in at least 75 cities across the U.S.