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If you want to spend most of your life working and buying things you like you prioritize liabilities If you want to retire early and continue buying things you like you prioritize assets Before you consider buyin that sports car ask yourself what that money can do for you

They said that about March 2020 and now again. How many once in a generation buying opportunities are we gonna get this generation… 🤣🤦‍♂️😉Billionaire investor Ron Baron says this is a once-in-a-generation buyin... via @YouTube 

Nifty turns from 15850, so buyin puts at higher level was worthwhile. Refer video. Call writing picks up at 15700

Gm all, 50 pc of recent rally in da US and India is 4000 and 16300. Closing below these levels drops the curtain on current rally. Best time to do straddle buyin as market likely to expand over next few days

❌NOT buyin' What you're ATTEMPTING To sell.🚫 #SnakeOilSalesmanJimJordan 

This is chaddi utaro market. Pehle ek party ki phir doosre ki. Today in morning if u felt like buyin puts, the rite call was buying calls

One thing I have noted is da market’s tendency to do opposite of expected. If you feel things are looking bullish just hold on for 5 mins and see them reverse. Like today everyone on tv kept on sayin bank nifty seeing massive buyin and it kept collapsing. Look on da other side

#Synthetix #Snx  #CryptoSnx  1w - feels bit like buyin $Amzn before bezos even knew he's going to sell books out of his carport...

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#AEWDoN first buyin match underway


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Ppl are too short term to see the big picture! Weve not had opportunities like this for years! Ppl will wait for lower prices & end up buyin higher, same shit happened last year & durin covid. Been here too long to know the game inside out now. The majority ALWAYS get it wrong!

@gate_io  @xenjgmaW  @KibaInuWorldhat  a silly question. 😂 depends if l @gate_ioike  listing coins before or after Kucoin Binance & Huobi do. Or if they like buyin near ATH

Higher prices bring out buyers. Lower prices bring out sellers, size opens eyes. Time kills trades. When they're cryin' you should be buyin'. When they're yellin' you should be sellin'. Takes years for people to learn those basics - if they ever learn them at all. Larry McCarthy

Whatever @WWERollins  is sellin' ... @DMcIntyreWWE  ain't buyin' it. #WWERaw  #MITB 

All these articles about me buyin manson painting using 10 yr old pics of me ?

While niggas is goin out buyin new space jams in goin to storage to find my old ones.

1st week out & yall already got Bounce Back on the Hot100. Keeping listening, streaming, buyin, sharing....all that!