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If you are a creative building your YouTube, social media engagement, upcoming musician or online business. Make sure to visit my Civil Shop, Which gives you informative information on how to Build/engage your brand or business! Visit:

Tech in schools is big business, expected to hit $43 billion this year. Watch the full video here:

$VEDL #Vedanta  MOSL: VEDANTA (Neutral)-Slight miss led by Aluminum and Steel; Cutting estimates for Aluminum business: VEDANTA: Slight miss led by Aluminum and Steel; Cutting estimates for Aluminum business (VEDL IN, Mkt Cap USD7.4b, CMP… #equity  #stocks 

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Take care of the client for the good of the business, or take care of your metrics for the good of your take home. Delicate balance.

Unilever’s sell off of Weis ice-cream factory will be no sugar hit #business 

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Feds: Jewelry store, auto business linked to drug trafficking, money laundering

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Witnesses said a man walked into the business and acted as if he was window shopping. After walking around display cases, he bashed one with a hammer and stole an unknown number of rings.

The start of the late 18thc/ early 19thc saw the rise of a new entrepreneurial class or business class, growing wealthy. The proliferation of office based work created an opportunity to produce many desks for home and businesses of the new wealthy class of entrepreneurs.

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The President of the United States has been fined $2 million for misusing his charity to further his business and political interests...and within 48hrs it’s barely news. This is how far we’ve fallen.

How much u get paid a week for telling your business to social media??

So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors? Ok, sir. Show us the tax returns, your business interests, and let us know what you talk about with Vladimir Putin. Then we can talk transparency.

Don't know why people always have to get brave ? Mind your own business :)

If we don't inspire, motivate or support one another, we have no business being in contact.

Smoke some weed and handle your business. You’ll be good.

Think how wonderful it is to be able to fight back and show, to so many, how totally dishonest the Fake News Media really is. It may be the most corrupt and disgusting business (almost) there is! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

My momma told me to tell you to mind yo daaaammmnnnn motha fuuuccckkkiiinnnggg business BIIITTCCHHH

We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don't get smart it will only get worse

"I'm not a businessman I'm a business, man."