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Angelina Jolie asked Monday that the private judge overseeing her divorce from Brad Pitt be disqualified from the case because of insufficient disclosures of his business relationships with one of Pitt’s attorneys.

Downtown business decides to shut down due to city council's decision to defund Seattle Police

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#OnCNBCTV18 | #IPCALabs  posted stellar numbers in Q1. AK Jain, the ED, says that #HCQ  & #Chloroquine  sales led to growth in the #API  business. In conversation with @Latha_Venkatesh  @_soniashenoy , adds that they will see revenue growth of 14-17% in FY21. @sonalbhutra 

[REPORT] Flukybusiness conditions prevail: The NAB business conditions index improved from -7.7 points to a 6-month high of +0.3 points in July. Conditions had previously hit record lows in April#ausbiz  #ausecon 

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Despite a faltering economy and subdued business activities, households seem satisfied with the central and state govts’ efforts in handling the #COVID19  crises, findings from a slew of recent surveys show. @arndutt  , @sanjeebm77  report

Buy Signals May Actually Be Sell Signals In Equity Markets. #economy  #business  #finance 

The business of #theater  during #covid19 . The are opposing worldviews around if #culture  is just a luxury during a #pandemic .

With the #COVID19  pandemic slowing the once-booming domestic market, Indian carriers are discovering virtues in the international passenger and cargo business. #airlines  #flights  #Coronavirus 

Richmond may offer grants to businesses damaged during demonstrations #RVA  #business  #Virginia 


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Selling weed literally went from major felony to essential business (open during pandemic) in much of America & yet many are still in prison. Doesn’t make sense, isn’t right.

Teach these hoes how to keep they business off the internet..

States are safely coming back. Our Country is starting to OPEN FOR BUSINESS again. Special care is, and always will be, given to our beloved seniors (except me!). Their lives will be better than ever...WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Don't know why people always have to get brave ? Mind your own business :)

Smoke some weed and handle your business. You’ll be good.

Democrat mayors during #coronavirus : -You can’t open your business -You can’t go to church -You can’t buy a gun Democrat mayors during riots: -Won’t protect your business -Won’t protect your church -And of course, still don’t want you to have a gun

No industry -- not airlines, not hotels, not cruise ships -- should be bailed out. They can stay in business by borrowing at rock-bottom rates, using their assets as collateral. Taxpayer money should be used to bail out people, not corporations.

Concast @NBCNews ) and Fake News@CNN  are going out of their way to say GREAT things about China. They are Chinese puppets who want to do business there. They use USA airwaves to help China. The Enemy of the People!

Imagine being incarcerated for a marijuana-related offense and then seeing it deemed “essential business”.