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$PNFP [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: DirectorBURNS GREGORY L: Disposed 3,000 of PNFP Common Stock at price $82 on 2023-02-03, decreased holding by 13% to 19,518 shares

Three men suffered severe burns after their vehicle caught fire while traveling over the Ravenel Bridge on Friday.

Hydrogen burns cleanly and could replace dirty fuels in many major industries. But the molecule is so reactive that it almost never exists in pure form. DW's @NiranjanAjit  reports on the opportunities and challenges of making the switch. 👇

If you own a sink you can claim 3 checks per sink held now. (You’re going to need more than 3 checks to complete the burns) Snapshot was taken on Friday

Lotus substation burns, leaving several suburbs without power: City Power and external assessors are investigating the cause of the Lotus substation fire, south west of Johannesburg, on Sunday evening.

Like @AltaSkiArea’s Sunnyside lift, which just started turning late last month, the installation of Burns Express at @Deer_Valley  was delayed by supply chain issues and heavy snowfall. #SkiUtah 

A man has suffered nasty burns in a blaze at Davoren Park. Details in 7NEWS Adelaide at 4pm and 6pm | #7NEWS 

The woman had serious burns over 30% of her body, police said.

Easy to imagine many of the Panthers' young stars--Horn, Brown, Burns, Luvu--thriving in Evero's scheme (Fangio tree). One area of need would be safety, I think.


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A Milwaukee man was left with second-degree burns after someone threw battery acid in his face and accused him of being in the country illegally.

Dragon separation confirmed! The spacecraft will now execute four departure burns to move away from the @Space_Station . Dragon will reenter the Earth's atmosphere and splashdown in ~23.5 hours

One of the largest food safety companies in the U.S., Packers Sanitation Services, illegally employed more than two dozen children, the Labor Department found. Some were as young as 13, and several suffered chemical burns from corrosive cleaners.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the sending the message!! EVERYTHING BURNS!!! 🔥🃏🖕🏿🎃

Honestly, we should really stop hitting Biden for being on vacation while the world burns… just think how much worse he could make things if he was actively working on them!!!

Nothing screams “The Buck Stops Here” quite like Joe Biden going back on vacation five minutes after his disastrous address to the nation while the world burns! #Biden 

-Joe Biden -Susan Rice -Anthony Blinken -William Burns -Wendy Sherman -Jake Sullivan The same foreign policy “experts” during Benghazi are fumbling foreign policy decisions again today.

In five billion years, our Milky Way begins to collide with the Andromeda galaxy. But not to worry. The Sun burnsEarth to a crisp long before then.

When even the dictionary burns you.

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