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Technical Trend Monitor/Essential short-term trend developments: Only a pull-back in Equities within the longer-term bull-market Bund future continuous chart Long-term trend: Neutral. Moving sideways between 168.10 and 176.70 in the weekly chart…

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Lowest AAII bull-bear spread since July 2010 (April 2013 was a bad print). 4-wk avg lowest since Sept 2020

Almost 30 years after providing testimony that brought the powerful Gambino crime family to its knees, notorious gangster Sammy "The Bull" Gravano said he still has his regrets.

Opened $AMZN Mar 2800/2810 bull $Calls spread 5.00

Regardless of whether you are a crypto optimist or a crypto pessimist — and @tylercowen  is the first — from a social standpoint, the loss of $1.35 trillion in value is largely imaginary. He states the bull case via @bopinion 

Despite a dramatic betrayal that turned Sammy "The Bull" Gravano against "the family" and brought down powerful Gambino boss John Gotti for good, no regret loomed as large as the ones about his real family. Watch TONIGHT on @ABC .

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For completeness, here’s Investor Intelligence bull/bear ratio, which dropped to 1.3x this week (LHS). Post-GFC, sometimes it stops here, sometimes in falls <1x; regardless, this is the low end of the range where $SPX has been near a bottom (RHS). Consistent with other data

'The Bull' Gravano, notorious gangster turned FBI informant, reflects 30 years later Watch the full story TONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Verizon Business and Atos to power industry-leading predictive analytics 5G edge solution | @Atos  @VZEnterprise  "use of Atos’ BullSequana Edge servers will strengthen its 5G edge offers and will unlock new use cases..." #CDNtech 


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"That’s bull ... That’s BS. And you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a hypocrite." @donlemon  unloads on lawmakers who want to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. while standing in the way of voting rights reform by opposing the filibuster.

Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, firefighters forced to dodge "projectiles"

CHECO WINS IN BAKU! It's his first victory for Red Bull, and only the second of his career! He took P1 after Max Verstappen's crash, and had to hold on during a dramatic restart after the red flag #AzerbaijanGP  AZ#F1 

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BREAKING: Sergio Perez will partner Max Verstappen at Red Bull in 2021! #F1 

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As a result of material development and modern education, people commonly seek happiness in external things, but neglect their minds. True, lasting happiness depends on our taming our unruly minds. This is not so much about intellectual development as cultivating a warm heart.

Trump lives in the WH rent free. Some congressmembers have lived in their offices rent free - the same members now refusing to support rental asst. for families w/ little or no $ during pandemic. How cruel can they be? I’m fighting to force GOP negotiators to stop the bull!

People take kindness for a weakness.... When you really have to be strong not to go off.. But shoutout to all the people taming the Beast to be a better person. That’s Strength to me. & you’re doing the realest thing you can ever do. For whatever reason you doing it. Stay True

FACTS!!! Mr. Chambers ain’t with the bull jive!! Thank you Mr. Chambers!!

That was some BullS$&@$ right there. This @trailblazers  vs @utahjazz  game, this last play by @Dame_Lillard  was a CLEAR GOALTENDING. How the hell are you an official and you miss that call. Lillard was absolutely right to be pissed. Horrible....Horrible miss!

22 years ago today, Kobe faced MJ as a Bull for the last time in the regular season. Jordan dropped 31, but Mamba took the win.