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My Southeast Asia Ventures: After overcoming challenges in starting an emergency response firm in Brunei, my next business plan involves food

My Southeast Asia Ventures: Having run an emergency response firm in Brunei since 2017, my next business plan involves food

BN Today #Brunei  celebrates its National Day, aka Hari Nasional, commemorating independence from the UK. 🤝 Congratulations to our Bruneian friends on this holiday. We wish them progress & prosperity, & appreciate Brunei's role in strengthening #RussiaASEAN  strategic partnership

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Singapore’s top diplomat lauded recent inroads made with Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei as part of a strategy to build “overlapping circles of friends” amid worsening geopolitical tensions in the region.

His Majesty the King Congratulates Sultan of Brunei Darussalam on National Day @MarocDiplomatie  #Africa  #Morocco  #NationalDay  #ForeignPolicy  #BilateralRelations  Read more:

My Southeast Asia Ventures: How I started a health tech firm in Brunei and became friends with ministers there

My Southeast Asia Ventures: I first went to Brunei when Covid-19 hit. Now I run a health tech firm there

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chinh expressed his belief that Brunei will soon become an economy with dynamic and sustainable development. #Geopolitics  #Region  #Brunei  #Vietnam  #VietNamNews 

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Brunei’s Baiduri Bank Taps for AI-Powered Credit Scoring by @fintechsin  2023-02-08 02:56:29


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BREAKING: George Santos says he has been named Speaker of the House, Sultan of Brunei, NBA Rookie of the Year

Indonesia closed 12,000 schools because of smoke from fires in Borneo. Many were illegally set by farmers and the govt. says some were caused by foreign-owned palm oil plantations. The haze is also affecting Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Participated in the 16th East Asia Summit hosted by Brunei through video conference. Re-affirmed India’s focus on a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific and the principle of ASEAN Centrality in the region. @ASEAN  @Asean2021_BN 

Tomorrow, the country of #Brunei  will start stoning gay people to death. We need to do something now. Please boycott these hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Raise your voices now. Spread the word. Rise up.

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JUST IN: 120,500 #COVID19PH  testing kits are to arrive in the Philippines from different countries such as China, South Korea, and Brunei according to the DOH. This is in addition to the 1,300 kits on hand and the 2,050 kits received from China and South Korea. | via @shailagarde 

The Brunei sultan's new penal code is barbaric to the core. It imposes death by stoning for extramarital sex, anal sex, and abortion; amputation of limbs for stealing; and 100 lashes with a whip for lesbian sex. Even for children who reach puberty.

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Ellen DeGeneres joins celebrities like George Clooney and who called for a boycott of nine luxury hotels with links to Brunei. "Are we really going to help pay for these human rights violations?"

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Film star George Clooney has called for a boycott of nine hotels because of their links to Brunei, where homosexual acts will from next week be punishable by death.

Here are words I’ve never said before: I agree with George Clooney. Brunei’s laws criminalizing homosexuality — and imposing capital punishment — are immoral, barbaric & inhumane. We should stand united in condemning them & not give our $$ to those who perpetuate oppression.