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The Browns facility has been closed this morning after a staffer tested positive for COVID-19 test, and contact tracing is underway, a league source told . It’s not a player or a coach, the source said.

mfw the browns sit alone as the 5-seed

me: the NFL absolutely should not have played this game also me: mwahaha the Browns are about to be two games up on the Ravens

Since we are playing the Ravens, it made me think of my least favorite sports teams: 1. Philadelphia Flyers. 2. Philadelphia Flyers. 3. Philadelphia Flyers. 4. browns'>Cleveland Browns. 5. Baltimore Ravens. 6. New York Rangers. 7. Penn State in anything.

In this week’s Colts film review: How Derrick Henry destroyed the run defense, the breakdowns on AJ Brown’s 69-yd TD, more TY Hilton, please, and Danny Pinter shows legit promise:

The #Jaguars  fired GM Dave Caldwell following their loss to the Browns on Sunday. @MarkdominikESPN  discusses the team's next steps.

The Browns reopened their practice facility Wednesday after a staffer tested positive for COVID-19, and will conduct a full-squad practice a little later than originally scheduled.

browns'>Cleveland Browns closed facility after staff member tests positive for COVID-19.

Browns facility closes due to COVID-19 case ahead of Titans game

browns'>Cleveland Browns close facility after staff member tests positive for COVID-19

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Most relevant

Here are the names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817. One of the largest planters in Jamaica, Brown now has a town named after him, Brown’s Town

BREAKING: The #Browns  have traded for #Giants  WR Odell Beckham, sources say. The deal is done. I am not joking.

Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi slept outside a 24-hour gym during Browns tryouts. Now, he scored his first NFL TD. Can’t make this up ? (via @NFLNow )

BREAKING: The @Browns  have traded for WR @obj . (via @MikeGarafolo )

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The Browns really did a remake of the “Friends” intro ? (via @Browns )

Called too short. Walks on to Texas Tech. Wins QB job. Gets Hurt. Transfers. Walks On to OU. Becomes 3-year-starter. Wins 34 out of 40 games. Wins 2017 Heisman. Drafted#1  overall. In 1st game, leads Browns to first win in 20 games.

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Can't believe how big ms. Browns boys is over here! Good ole Irish comedy!