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The British government will spend nearly $2 billion to help rescue the nation's theater, museum and arts sectors. The package will include grants and loans they can use to pay salaries and maintenance costs as they try to survive the COVID-19 recession.

A group of British and Kenyan historians from the Museum of British Colonialism are working together to build an online archive of British colonial detention camps in Kenya

Dozens of ghost sightings have been reported at the British Museum in recent years From @1843mag 

Kenyan museum, Mau Mau fighter shed light on British colonial abuses: Nearing 100, Gitu Wa Kahengeri clearly remembers the day when, as a prisoner of Kenya's colonial occupier Britain, he wanted to die.

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The Ringlemere Cup, one of the British Museum's 10 most important historical finds by the public. The museum's Michael Lewis says he thinks it was bashed by a plough. "If that finder hadn't discovered it... it could have been destroyed by the plough in another season." #R4Today 

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Coming up: Has the chancellor done enough? Shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds (0730) & Rishi Sunak (0810), former US Vice President, Al Gore, on a sustainable future (0830) & the British Museum on the 1.5m artefacts found by the public (0740) #R4Today 

In the vast collection of the British Museum, there’s a lot that can go "bump" in the night


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I had raised issue of ancient SARASWATI Murti of Dhar( MP) that is missing & found in British Museum in London, with Shri@JoshiPralhad  @MinOfCultureGoI  & asked for authority letter to get the Murti back,now the Minister has responded to me.I had visited Dhar temple few yrs ago

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This appears to be an assault on academia’s freedom to speak truth to power from the very heart of our government. Good job we’ve got all those free speech warriors on standby. Mary Beard blocked by No 10 as British Museum trustee 'for pro-Europe views'

The British Museum is getting dragged for saying Asian names can be "confusing."

Easter Island delegation lobbies for the British Museum to return one of its ancient 'Moai' statues

?️? The British Museum first opened to ‘all studious and curious persons’ #onthisday  in 1759 – the first national, public museum in the world.

British Museum to return Benin bronzes to Nigeria more than a century after they were looted

Mohamed Salah's boots have been added to the Egyptian collection at the British Museum ??

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YO, go check out Ancient lives, new discoveries @ The British Museum!!! To learn about our past is to…

This is ancient stone fist so a fist bump was only appropriate #brah  @ British Museum