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David Frost, the UK's Brexit minister, had to answer some tough questions from British MPs on the future of the relationship with the EU. From Northern Ireland to Gibraltar, here are the key challenges ahead, and how he intends to address them.

The story of Greensill Capital is the biggest British lobbying scandal in a generation, involving former UK prime minister David Cameron and his efforts to promote the company. Before Cameron is questioned by MPs today, watch our video:

"We are watching a human tragedy unfolding" Important meeting with @hzomlot  from @PalMissionUK , as part of a delegation of MPs organised by @lfpme , tonight to discuss the British Parliament's international obligations to act to secure peace & ensure international law is upheld.

West Wales Financial Services was named in a 2018 letter to MPs as one of 10 firms that had relinquished DB transfer powers in the wake of the British Steel advice furor. Read more @NewModelAdviser 

A warning for the ALP from British Labour’s disaster? “...ex-Labour voters complained that Starmer and his MPs had been in their area day after day during the campaign, but had had nothing at all to say.”

?? His battle with China is one of David and Goliath. After he released a paper on the forced sterilisation of Uyghur women Beijing took they unusual step of sanctioning Mr Zenz. ? Zenz was banned from China alongside 5 British MPs and a handful of UK academics

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British MPs have said that genocide is taking place in China. Last year, @1843mag  talked to exiled Uyghurs who live in fear of reprisals against their families in China

MPs demand that the former Post Office chief executive Paula Vennells is stripped of her CBE following the IT scandal that led to the biggest miscarriage of justice in British legal history.

M.P.’s Dog of the Day is “Bear” the amazing British Bulldog from Collier Row, here celebrating St. George’s Day weekend! #DogOfTheDay  #Romford  #StGeorgesDay  ?????????

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Beijing on Friday criticised British MPs after they approved a symbolic parliamentary motion declaring that Uyghur Muslims in China were "suffering crimes against humanity and genocide", calling the accusations a "big lie"


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I fear for those brave young people protesting in #HongKong  when this is the response to British MPs from the @ChineseEmbinUK . We will not look away.

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Can you even begin to imagine what our papers, Tory MPs and Farage and fiends would be like if there were hundreds of British lorry drivers stuck in a European field without food or sanitation or proper information? We really have become a sick nation.

Parliament, stocked with 70% Remain-voting MPs, continues to do everything in its power to defy the will of the British people & stop Brexit happening. What an absolute disgrace.

No-deal Brexit will make it ‘illegal’ to pay pensions to retired British expats living in EU, MPs told

Why have only 12 British MPs demanded the release of this child #AhadTamimi  ? And why only 5 Labour MPs? Is she a child of a lesser God? She is behind bars and is being threatened with rape and murder! Where is everyone? #liberals  #feminists  #MeToo  #Labour  #Palestine  #Jerusalem 

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British history books will one day contain a little footnote explaining how elected MPs like Nadine Dorries took us out of the customs union because they didn't understand what it was.

Theresa May, you cannot continue to ignore us. Listen to hundreds of MPs – and thousands of British people – and #FixUniversalCredit .

One of the most extreme political entities in the British Isles, the 8 MPs of the DUP, is to wag the tail of Mrs May's minority Government

One of the most extreme political entities in the British Isles, the 10 MPs of the DUP, is to wag the tail of Mrs May's minority Government

British MPs vote in favour of air strikes on so-called Islamic State in Syria. Live coverage: #SyriaVote