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A 21-year-old Louisville man who became a fixture at Breonna Taylor protests has died in a shooting.

AG Daniel Cameron talks Gov. Beshear restrictions, voting and Breonna Taylor on Issues and Answers.

Breonna Taylor protest leader, 21, is shot dead 'during carjacking' near University of Louisville

In the midst of their pain, BreonnaTaylor’s family members said they want to give back to their local community. It’s a community that has given consistent support in their call for justice for Taylor for nearly a year.

'He's irreplaceable': 21-year-old leader of Breonna Taylor protests killed in shooting, family says

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“I just think people in general ― and people of color specifically ― are really ready for some real changes to take place in policing, and the Breonna Taylor case is a tragedy that I think has just woke up a lot of people.” -- @Peterkraska 

The "End All No Knocks" initiative, launched in the wake of Breonna Taylor's death, was endorsed by Taylor's mother.

Hamza "Travis" Nagdy, a well-known figure at protests calling for justice in the Breonna Taylor case, was just 21 when police said he was shot and killed.

Homicide victim was named in warrant that sent officers to Breonna Taylor’s home


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#EXCLUSIVE : Breonna Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker talks t @GayleKing  about the night police raided her home as part of a narcotics investigation into Breonna's ex-boyfriend. Neither Walker nor Taylor has a criminal history and no illegal drugs were found in the home.

Praying for Breonna’s mother and family. Because they knew and loved her before her name became a hashtag.

Breaking: A member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury just filed a remarkable motion asking a judge to release the entire proceedings of the grand jury. The motion strongly suggests that Attorney General Cameron's public comments contradict what was presented to the grand jury.

It's been 93 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered and the only arrest made in relation to her death was the arrest of her partner, who was charged for defending himself against the intruders invading their home.

Today is Opening Day, which means it's a great day to arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor

Wait...I’m was trending again??? Ok then-JUSTICE for Breonna Taylor!!! Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau!!!! Justice for Sandra Bland!!!!! Loving ourselves and each other is respectful and uplifting; supportive. EYES ON THE PRIZE, LOVE VILLAGE, EYES ON THE PRIZE.


NONE of the @LMPD  officers who murdered Breonna Taylor on March 13th have been fired or charged any crimes. They are all being paid as usual. (L-R) their names are: Myles Cosgrove Jonathan Mattingly Brett Hankison

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More people have been arrested for protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor than for the actual murder of Breonna Taylor.

The officers who murdered Breonna Taylor nearly three months ago still have not been charged. We can’t forget about Black women in our quest for justice.