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Brennan Nevada Johnson: Questions about the musician's mental health after sporting her new bald look is another example of the annoying stigma surrounding Black women and our hair choices. - @NBCNewsTHINK 

The backlash to Doja Cat shaving her head is the latest moment that forces us to ask a key question, writes Brennan Nevada Johnson. Why do Black women have to go through something to shave their heads?

7NEWS understands the Crows are set to renew their pursuit of a South Australian Dockers defender. Brennan Cox is back on the radar. 7NEWS Adelaide at 6pm | @TheoDrop  @7AFL  #7NEWS 

Brennan family‘s Commissary turns one huge kitchen into a market, restaurant, patio

6 extra base hits and 7 runs in the first 5 innings. Yankees look like savages in that box. Oh, and hey, Brennan Miller is the 3b umpire tonight, look at that.

WATCH: Rick Scott Bumbles His Way Through Awkward Defense of Herschel Walker, Blake Masters After CBS' Brennan Puts Him on the Spot

Rick Scott Bumbles His Way Through Awkward Defense of Herschel Walker, Blake Masters After CBS' Brennan Puts Him on the Spot


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Breaking News** Two highly redacted documents about to be declassified re: Brennan, Comey/Strzok. We will have all details tomorrow @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness  @Abby_Grossberg 

So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. Well, what about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself? Didn’t they lie?.... of the FBI. Brennan started this entire debacle about President Trump. We now know that Brennan had detailed knowledge of the (phony) Dossier...he knows about the Dossier, he denies knowledge of the Dossier, he briefs the Gang of 8 on the Hill about the Dossier, which....

?BREAKING ? The White House “whistleblower” is Eric Ciaramella. - Registered Democrat - Worked for Obama - Worked with Joe Biden - Worked for CIA brennan'>Director John Brennan - Vocal critic of Trump - Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax

I hope brennan'>John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit. It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue!

Is brennan'>John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on ?

New Poll - A majority of Americans think that John Brennan and James Comey should have their Security Clearances Revoked. Not surprised!

BREAKING: Chairman just cancelled open Intelligence Committee hearing with Clapper, Brennan and Yates in attempt to choke off public info.

Just got out of WH meeting with . I restated to him what I have said in public: brennan'>John Brennan and others partisans should have their security clearances revoked.

Sally Yates is willing to testify, WH says they want her to testify, public wants to hear from her, Brennan and Clapper...what's the holdup?