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ICE Agents Ordered to Free All Illegal Aliens in Custody: 'Release Them All' @JxhnBinder  / Breitbart)

Rebekah Mercer is a principal investor in the Parler social media network and has an equity stake in Breitbart News. Robert Mercer was a major investor in Cambridge Analytica, which mined data on behalf of the Trump campaign.

“Trump recognizes that McConnell and the mainstream GOP no longer have any use for him. He’s been deplatformed by social media. If Trump is to maintain a political base, it’s basically going to be the sort of people who make up the Breitbart comments section.” @JoshuaGreen :

'Done with this guy': Trump's Capitol riot set off a war among Breitbart staffers over support for president

'Done with this guy': Trump's Capitol riot set off a war among Breitbart staffers over support for president

‘Destroy Trump’: Breitbart Staffers Seethe After Capitol Riot via “I mean, violence is @thedailybeastad  but this was nothing compared to Antifa rioting over the summer,” Pentagon reporter Kristina Wong argued. “Not even close,”

EXCLUSIVE: Editors and reporters at the staunchly pro-Trump conservative outlet Breitbart News privately clashed over whether President Donald Trump was to blame for last week’s deadly Capitol riot, according to internal messages

Republican Party ignored his core threat that violence would follow an adverse Election result. The siege of the Capitol wasn’t a departure for Trump, it was an apotheosis. In 2019 he told Breitbart “I have the tough people, but they

'Destroy Trump': Breitbart Staffers Seethe After Capitol Riot @willsommer  / The Daily Beast)


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"A leaked confidential document obtained by Breitbart News reveals that a coalition of left-wing groups in Minnesota, fearing a possible Trump win, is preparing for post-election mass unrest while planning to execute wide scale “strategic disruption.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is a far superior leader than was Lame Duck Speaker Paul Ryan. Tougher, smarter and a far better fundraiser, Kevin is already closing in on 44 Million Dollars. Paul’s final year numbers were, according to Breitbart, “abysmal.” People like.....

Former Google Engineer: Google Will Try to Prevent Trump from Being Re-elected | Breitbart

Facebook’s new section of “trusted” news sources will include Breitbart, a website that featured a section on “black crime” and laundered white nationalist talking points

Before he was brought to WH, Steve Bannon trafficked in bigotry at Breitbart. He should never have had a place in Admin. Not then, not now.

WH officials with whom I spoke said POTUS got the info about wiretap from media - Breitbart, Levin - not from govt sources.

I dare u2 find 1 Jew that gives a single fuck about saying Merry Xmas. This is an antisemitic lie made up by FoxNews/Breitbart & I resent it