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Serbian President Says Remains 'Skeptical' About Talks With Borrell on #Kosovo 

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: “This unelected gaggle of insufferable mediocrities --from von der Leyden and Borrell to that piece of Norwegian wood Stoltenberg-- may dream they live in the pre-1914 era, when Europe was at the political centre. @zerohedge 

"we have been sincere...steadfast in our commitment to seeking a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA and we're grateful for Mr. Borrell and the efforts he's undertaken."

Price: "I don't have much to offer you beyond what we said yesterday. ...We have received Iran's comments via the EU. We are studying them. That was the case yesterday & continues to be the case today...We ultimately agree with the bottom line proposition of EU High borrell'>Rep Borrell.

Can Borrell hit refresh? get off the other line? charge his phone?

🔴 The United States will provide its views on the European Union's final draft to save a 2015 nuclear deal privately and directly to the bloc's High borrell'>Representative Josep Borrell, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Monday.

EU foreign policy chief and negotiations coordinator borrell'>Josep Borrell called the draft a "final text" that needed a yes-or-no answer from all of the participants, as there was "no more space for negotiations."


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#BREAKING EU countries will provide 'fighter jets' to Ukraine under Brussels funding: Borrell

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For 🇪🇺EU, a Ukrainian victory means the expulsion of Russian invaders from Ukraine's borders - EU's top diplomat borrell'>Josep Borrell after EU MFA meeting 16 May "When we say we hope UA will win this war, it means that it will push invaders beyond its borders"

The EU has given Putin €35 billion in energy payments since the beginning of the war and given €1 billion to Ukraine for arms. Borrell: “We have given Ukraine €1 billion — it might seem a lot, but a billion euro is what we pay Putin every day for the energy he provides us.”

BREAKING: EU's Borrell says will impose 'harshest package of sanctions ever implemented' on Russia

Russia faces "unprecedented isolation" over its attack on Ukraine and will be hit with the "harshest sanctions" the EU has ever imposed, says EU foreign policy chief borrell'>Josep Borrell. "This is not a question of diplomatic power games. It's a matter of life and death."

EU foreign policy chief borrell'>Josep Borrell criticized the EU countries for failing to impose sanctions on those involved in the conflict in Ethiopia. He said that the situation in Ethiopia was one of his biggest frustrations of the year.

The EU's foreign policy chief borrell'>Josep Borrell is under fire over allegations a report was watered down following Chinese pressure.

Spain’s securities regulator sanctions borrell'>Foreign Minister Josep Borrell over a share sale -- a further blow to Pedro Sanchez’s fragile government