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Canadian and American tourism groups continue to press governments to lift travel restrictions at the land border, saying tens of thousands of jobs are at risk. For some, the reopening is also personal #cdnpoli 

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Good analysis from @saraschonhardt  on border carbon tax, one of the biggest reasons why US must put a #PriceOnCarbon . "Ideally, the US would have an equally ambitious climate policy, and then there would be no need to border adjust." @AdeleCMorris 

She has been tapped by Biden to oversee efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants to the border, but she has said her purview begins south of the boundary.

Wrapped up another successful telephone town hall yesterday. It was great catching up with folks and discussing my efforts to hold FEMA accountable, reopen our country, and secure our border.

Immigration hawks are calling on Texas@GovAbbott  to mandate @EVerify  for private employers in the Lone Star State, a move they say could potentially solve the border crisis overnight. Via @SaysSimonson  and @kcajmcv 

As the surge of migrants at the border continues, Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar penned a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris, formally inviting her to visit the U.S. - Mexico border.

Firefighters watched for hot spots this morning from multiple brush fires that burned for about two hours in an unincorporated greenbelt area on the border of Laguna Beach and prompted the closure of the San Joaquin Hills toll road near the Laguna Freeway.

Two bodies found in separate locations by Border Patrol agents in Sunland Park are under investigation this morning.

The McDonald's in Ashland is serving up more than just burgers in an effort to do just that. Ashland, a city home to nearly 22,000 people, is located along the state's northeast border with Ohio.


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A Trump official tried to argue that detained children don’t need soap, toothbrushes, or beds to be ‘safe and sanitary’ while in Border Patrol custody

Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA. Based on her statement, she is responsible for many deaths. She’s an incompetent, third-rate politician!

As the Wall goes up, illegal crossings go down. This past week we built over 10 miles of Wall at our Southern Border. We now have 256 miles of NEW Wall and we are on track to have 300 miles completed by the end of August!

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Hurricane Hanna - just now - blowing over Trump’s mighty border wall between the United States and Mexico....

We have now built 240 Miles of new Border Wall on our Southern Border. We will have over 450 Miles built by the end of the year. Have established some of the best Border Numbers ever. The Radical Left Democrats want Open Borders for anyone, including many criminals, to come in!

Mexico is sadly experiencing very big CoronaVirus problems, and now California, get this, doesn’t want people coming over the Southern Border. A Classic! They are sooo lucky that I am their President. Border is very tight and the Wall is rapidly being built!

I will be signing my Executive Order prohibiting immigration into our Country today. In the meantime, even without this order, our border'>Southern Border, aided substantially by the 170 miles of new Border Wall & 27,000 Mexican soldiers, is very tight - including for human trafficking!

We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging border dispute. Thank you!

Sleepy Joe Biden was in charge of the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic which killed thousands of people. The response was one of the worst on record. Our response is one of the best, with fast action of border closings & a 78% Approval Rating, the highest on record. His was lowest!

Breaking News: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just reversed a lower court decision & gave us the go ahead to build one of the largest sections of the desperately needed border wall'>Southern Border Wall, Four Billion Dollars. Entire Wall is under construction or getting ready to start!