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Can Ginebra send Meralco packing? The Gin Kings hope to claim the first championship berth in Game 4 today! Bookmark this page for updates! #PBASemis  #PBA2020 

🌧️☔️ Update on tonight's rain chances: - Widespread rain is expected in E MO and W IL tonight through tomorrow morning. Strong/severe storms are possible, but unlikely. - Lingering showers exit by tomorrow afternoon. Bookmark for updates! #MOwx  #ILwx 

History beckons for Phoenix as it shoots for a breakthrough PBA finals stint when it tries to dispose of TNT in Game 4 on Wednesday, November 25. Bookmark this page for updates.

Barangay Ginebra guns for the killer blow against Meralco as it tries to wrap up their PBA Philippine Cup semifinals series in Game 4 on Wednesday, November 25! Bookmark this page for updates.

You may be updated on Biden v Trump and COVID-19, but do you know the big news stories in Southeast Asia? Get smart on what's happening in our neck of the woods! Bookmark this page for this week's updates:

Rappler talks to two of the authors of the manifesto about their call for a nationwide academic strike, demanding accountability from the Duterte government. Bookmark this page to watch this #RapplerTalk  tonight, November 24.

Asus VivoBook Laptop and HP 17-Inch HP 17 are just two of the laptops to look for during the #BlackFriday  sales season. Bookmark this page—we'll continue to update it:

#TalkingPreps Fall Finale Monday at 7. ➡️We hand out the High School Heisman ➡️Football coaches join us from Richmond Sr. (Bryan Till) and Charlotte Christian (Jason Estep) ➡️We've got 6 new #FreshFaces  and 5 #GricesGems  Bookmark here:


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I’ll just put this here for now. Feel free to bookmark and show skeptics later: “We have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it is by mail or otherwise” FBI Director Chris WraySept 24, 2020

THREAD: #FollowTheMoney  Soros A-Team: AbolishICE, Antifa & Sanctuary Anarchists. This is a compilation of Open Society Foundation-funded groups/grantees tied to #anarchotyranny  in America. All info comes from #OpenBordersInc . Bookmark & share. You won't see this on Fox News.

READ: Here is a list of emergency hotlines of government agencies and hospitals in Manila City to save in case of emergencies due to Super Typhoon Rolly. Bookmark this page for more updates on #RollyPH :

Bookmark this. Read it later ( or now). This Forbes reporter has receipts. Something smells really bad. The Ultimate Donald Trump Mystery That Couldn’t Be Solved Before Election Day

Just gonna bookmark all the blue checkmarks wailing and gnashing teeth over Elizabeth Warren's failure of a campaign, desperately crying to the heavens that we require a female president, for when Nikki Haley runs in 2024.

A little more than 24 hours from now Trump will declare victory. If Republicans do well, Trump will take credit If Democrats do well Trump will say it would have been much worse without his rallies. He will also blame “illegal” voters and the media. Bookmark this.

The NBA Finals schedule *Bookmark for later*

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I'm gonna post all the photo shoot pics on when I'm done so bookmark it or whatever if you wanna see them