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The Grow with Aldi programme helped get @Johnny_Magory  author Emma-Jane Leeson get her book on shelves across 145 Aldi stores. @Aldi_Ireland  #GrowWithAldi 

#NurseLeaders , Assemble@tweetAONE  is turning nurse leaders into comic book superheroes fo #NursesWeek  . Submit a photo here and help us celebrate nurses:

On an all new episode of #Influencers , Andy@serwer  sits down with @SenWarren  to discuss her new book ‘Persist’ as well as cryptocurrency, inflation, and the need for a wealth tax in the U.S.:

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Meghan is using new children's book to show how 'upset' Harry is to be stripped of military titles, royal author claims

#COVID19 | Free auto ambulance service launched in Delhi To book call: 011-41236614

RIP David SwensenPioneering Portfolio Management had a huge impact on my career when I was just starting out Charley Ellis wrote a forward for the updated version of the book laying out 6 reasons for Swensen's success at Yale:

Kate Middleton makes touching promise to Hold Still participant Mila ahead of book launch

Clearly this is a promotional plug for his book, but I’ve got to say I would not pick *Ross Douthat* to be the oracle who gets to decides who or what is high-, middle-, or lowbrow culture. 🤨

"Somebody asked should we book tomorrow? I said you should book yesterday. The fact is pricing are going up, availability is going down for some of the very highly desirable areas," @PricelineGroup  CEO Glenn Fogel on the travel rebound $BKNG

'I'd rather hear parenting tips from Britney Spears' god-awful father!' Piers Morgan swipes at Meghan Markle over her book

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Here’s the difference, folks. When Colin Kaepernick speaks out against racial injustice, no team will sign him. When Josh Hawley gets dropped for helping incite an insurrection, he lands another book deal in less than 2 weeks. This is what white privilege looks like.

Josh, let me explain Capitalism to you. Sometimes people decide not to do business with you. It's their decision. You know the whole "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" thing ? In your case it happens to be "No Principles, No Honesty, No Book" thing. Feel free to Self-Publish

The Fake News, @CNN , MSDNC, the failing @nytimes , and the rest, are working overtime spewing every lie in the book to make sure they can demean and disparage, at the highest level possible, to try and win an election for a man who is totally unqualified to be your President, S.J.

There’s no feeling like finishing a book, and I’m proud of this one. In A Promised Land, I try to provide an honest accounting of my presidency, the forces we grapple with as a nation, and how we can heal our divisions and make democracy work for everybody.

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Love how people feel liberated naked .. Read a book liberate your brain

Fuck u and the power u think you have over me. I’m gonna write about this in my next book???

Of course, ’s my wife, so I’m a little biased here. But she also happens to be brilliant, funny, wise – one of a kind. This book tells her quintessentially American story. I love it because it faithfully reflects the woman I have loved for so long.

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#BREAKING: book writer'>Legendary Comic-Book Writer, Publisher and Film Producer Stan Lee Has Died. R.I.P.

Today I found a book that winks at you very interesting way to start my morning