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Newly-uncovered bombshell emails suggest Hunter Biden and a former top Biden aide invested in a Chinese company with ties to the Communist Party.

The latest Hunter Bidenbombshell reportedly shows that the president's son invested in a Chinese company with close ties to the communist regime. The liberal media have yet to say so much as a word about it.

The House Jan. 6 committee has obtained a bombshell draft executive order that, if Trump had signed it, would have allowed him to order the federal government to seize voting machines and appoint a special counsel to investigate the 2020 election.

Bombshell draft order reveals a plan for Trump to seize voting machines after the 2020 election

Errum, how is corp media’s rigging of science facts not illegal? “CNN is Caught Off-Guard by CDC's Natural Immunity 'Bombshell': Its Breathtaking Report Leaves ViewersFeeling Betrayed

Skinfold tests are set to be scrapped in Australian swimming following a bombshell report into the treatment of women and girls in the sport. The @SwimmingAUS  inquiry is also calling for language from coaches to be more inclusive. #7NEWS 

Skinfold tests are set to be scrapped in Australian swimming following a bombshell report into the treatment of women in the sport. #7NEWS 

Western Australia has decided against reopening its borders next month. Premier @MarkMcGowanMP  dropped the bombshell at a late-night news conference, just 16 days before the state's border was set to come down. #COVID19  #7NEWS 

Secret phones, producer ultimatums and how much he really got paid – Beau Ryan has unloaded in an bombshell new interview.

Devastated South Aussies, stranded from family in WA, say they have been blindsided by a border backflip. The bombshell was dropped late last night, just 16 days before WA was due to reconnect with the world. 7NEWS Adelaide at 6pm | @HannahKateFoord  #7NEWS 


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1/2 Bombshell from my sources “The Biden Admin used 2 executive orders to task the Selective Service System to collect records related to vaccination status and who requests medical/religious exemption. Data was also collected on individuals from personnel at medical facilities.”

6/ Then, on 9/9, a bombshell that few noticed. The head of intelligence at DHS (the top guy!) files a whistleblower complaint. He says the White House instructed him to bury info on Russian interference because it "made the President look bad."

Bombshell new report from @ProPublica : More than half of the nation’s 100 richest individuals have used special trusts to avoid paying the estate tax — which has likely cost the Treasury more than $100 billion that could have been used to pay for social programs.

If you're still catching your breath from today, I'm told next week will involve "a bombshell". I'm standing by ...

Absolute bombshell of a report from The Courier Journal: LMPD hid almost 750,000 records documenting the sexual abuse of minors by Louisville police officers, and then lied to keep the files from the public

JUST POSTED: I explain how the NY Post embraced and promoted Russian disinformation with its supposed Bidenbombshell. Will the rest of the media do better? Please read, RT, like, and share.

1. Facebook & Twitter are censoring a bombshell story from reputable news sources on Joe & Hunter Bidens corruption; they’re trying to influence the presidential election.

Bombshell reporting. This is propaganda over science. It is immoral, dangerous, and must be considered un-American.

This @TuckerCarlson  monologue is powerful & very much worth watching. It explains in detail the bombshell revelation—which the media is desperately trying to ignore—that Obama PERSONALLY directed the FBI to target his political opponent @realDonaldTrump