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Jim Mattis failed to disclose role with global consultant tied to China in bombshell column

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BREAKING: KRAKEN RELEASED! Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election & #8211 ; Update: Michigan too

BREAKING NEWS: Sidney Powell just filed a "bombshell" lawsuit alleging massive voter fraud in the state of Georgia. Read the lawsuit!

James Mattis failed to disclose role with global consultant tied to China in bombshell column

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Bombshell emails have revealed Brett Sutton's reaction at being excluded in the setup of the hotel quarantine program. @msanto92  #9News 

Bombshell reports have emerged about the always secretive Vladimir Putin, who reportedly has a love child with a woman worth more than $100 million.

UK "facing tax bombshell of around £40 billion a year" following Rishi Sunak’s spending plans announcement

Three former Liberal MPs have been named in a bombshell scandal that says they used taxpayer money to fund lavish dinners, holidays, a strip club visit and even a fake employee. #9News  | Nightly at 6.00pm

Two more former West Australian Liberal MPs have been accused of serious misconduct in another bombshell report by the state’s Corruption and Crime Commission. #7NEWS 

A former Liberal MP contacted current members of Parliament to warn them the CCC had seized a laptop containing “a little s**t file”, according to a bombshell report. WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE 🔒

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Absolute bombshell of a report from The Courier Journal: LMPD hid almost 750,000 records documenting the sexual abuse of minors by Louisville police officers, and then lied to keep the files from the public

6/ Then, on 9/9, a bombshell that few noticed. The head of intelligence at DHS (the top guy!) files a whistleblower complaint. He says the White House instructed him to bury info on Russian interference because it "made the President look bad."

If you're still catching your breath from today, I'm told next week will involve "a bombshell". I'm standing by ...

JUST POSTED: I explain how the NY Post embraced and promoted Russian disinformation with its supposed Bidenbombshell. Will the rest of the media do better? Please read, RT, like, and share.

1. Facebook & Twitter are censoring a bombshell story from reputable news sources on Joe & Hunter Bidens corruption; they’re trying to influence the presidential election.

Bombshell reporting. This is propaganda over science. It is immoral, dangerous, and must be considered un-American.

@FoxNews  bombshell information reports that the so-called Whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of that phone conversation with Ukraine’s President.” Wow! @HARRISFAULKNER  It is all a Democrat/Adam Schiff Scam! Doing this for 3 years now, and found NOTHING!

We can't function as a nation of law if we can't trust the Attorney General to tell the truth. Reporting of Mueller's letter to Barr protesting the contextualization of the Russian investigation is a bombshell. The AG's job is to serve the public not protect the president.