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An idea that passed through my mind today that was too dumb to blog was a let's say five-year bill that restarts Moviepass at the old rates as a federal program to boost theaters and the movie business once it's safe to go to theaters again.

Disney Tourist Blog and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida raised enough money to feed 500 families.

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LIVE BLOG: Hourly updates with the latest election news, notes from the campaign trails, voting results and analysis.

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A friend just sent me this excerpt from a Teslablog I wrote 14 years ago

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Practically every day I see a tweet or blog post about someone who wrongly thought COVID-19 was a hoax dying of COVID-19 and all I can think about are the members of the media and politicians who mis-informed that person and who assuredly feel zero responsibility.

20 years ago, I arrived New Zealand to begin filming "The Lord of the Rings." I joined the cast on January 10, 2000. During that time, I kept a journal, which today would be called a blog Perhaps you'll enjoy reading about those heady times:

Cummings doctored his 2019 'blog' on his first day back at work to make it look like he'd predicted the pandemic. For my money, that is the sickest element so far of this whole sickening saga. Meanwhile, the carnage in our care homes continued unabated.

Tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games. Watch tomorrow at blog'>PlayStation Blog:

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The devil may prove to be in the detail but imagine sitting at your desk, at the very heart of the govt's response to a pandemic killing tens of thousands of people, and thinking: "I know! I'll just make some changes to a blog I wrote last year so it looks like I predicted it."

Woulda done great things for representation if the dog with a blog was a pitbull. Smfh

1/ So @seanspicer  just called us a “left-wing blog.” Since we’re actually in the biz of facts, we figured we’d respond w/ a few...

just when i thought i'd seen the worst the internet could show me, i discover an entire blog dedicated to minion yaoi. brb bleaching my eyes

Last month, Flake joined every Senate R to confirm John Bush, who wrote birther blog posts, as a federal judge.