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VP Harris’s mother “chose and was welcomed to and enveloped in the Black community.” At a time when America robbed Blacks of our dignity and treated us as unworthy of respect, she chose us. Decades later, such an affirming choice would help change America.

Leon Black’s dad, who ran the gigantic money machine for which the US destroyed Guatemala, walked out of a 44th floor to his death in 1975. Wow. Every time I think this story can’t get weirder.

Leon Black’s dad bumped himself off?!

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell argue the charges against her should be dropped since jury pool had a lower proportion of blacks and Hispanics than the community where she allegedly committed the crimes MORE:

Under the hood of Leon Black’s decision to step down

Epstein helped respond to audits, and he advised on how to manage Black’s art, yacht and airplane, according to the Dechert report.

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Data shows white people getting vaccinated at higher rates than Blacks and Hispanics in U.S.

Sydney Bledisloe unlikely this year with Perth frontrunner to host All Blacks |@tomdecent 

Based on data from 16 states that share the race/ethnicity of those getting vaccinated, the proportion of vaccinations among Black and Hispanic Americans is smaller in each state than the proportion of COVID-19 cases among Blacks and Hispanics.


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She discovered her dad worked to negate the vote of Blacks and Latinos. The GOP fought hard to keep their consultant's documents & hard drives secret. His daughter just made them public, saying Americans must see how her dad was ruining democracy.

Bad “actress” Debra The Mess Messing is in hot water. She wants to create a “Blacklist” of Trump supporters, & is being accused of McCarthyism. Is also being accused of being a Racist because of the terrible things she said about blacks and mental illness. If Roseanne Barr....

How do you impeach a President who has helped create perhaps the greatest economy in the history of our Country? All time best unemployment numbers, especially for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians & Women. More people working today than ever before. Rebuilt Military & Choice for Vets...

heard the all blacks are in joburg but there game is on same time as the show.ah well we'll be playin them in World Cup final anyway

Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!

2018 is being called “THE YEAR OF THE WORKER” by Steve Moore, co-author of “Trumponomics.” It was indeed a great year for the American Worker with the “best job market in 50 years, and the lowest unemployment rate ever for blacks and Hispanics and all workers. Big wage gains.”

Watching take credit for successes is disgraceful. Score So Far- TRUMP: -Unemployment Rate -GDP -Wage Growth -# Blacks Employed -# Hispanics Employed -# Women Employed -ISIS Wins -Homegrown Terror Events OBAMA: -Slick Speaking -School Shootings

See how easy it is for blacks and whites to get along!! #DANCEANDSTOPHATING 

Trump asked what Blacks had to lose. It was apparently healthcare, housing, college admission, & freedom after Sessions locks everyone up