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Just a couple of weeks into the new year and Target is already making #BlackFriday  plans.

Between #BlackFriday  and #CyberMonday , there were so many sweet deals this weekend. Were you able to score some big savings?

Despite record high online sales, #BlackFriday  traffic at US stores was down 52%. @MarketWatch  shares more:

Just because #BlackFriday  is over doesn't mean the sales are...


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❤️ this tweet to get a sneak peek at this year’s special #BlackFriday  deals as soon as they drop ?

With a net worth of more than $136 billion, the six @WalMart  heirs own more wealth than the bottom 42% of Americans. #BlackFriday 

Today and every day, our workers deserve $15 an hour, decent working conditions and the right to form a union. #BlackFriday 

It's #BlackFriday , but for us, it's the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday . Today, we'll post pics & info about black holes

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We're unlocking a special #BlackFriday  offer…but ONLY if this tweet gets 5K RTs by 11/23!

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Everyone knows about #BlackFriday  & #CyberMonday . Now help me spread the word about #GivingTuesday :