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Peaceful protesters have painted All Black Lives Matter and All Indigenous Lives Matter outside Toronto City Hall - 📹 @FareenKarim  #Toronto  #TorontoProtestP #PeacefulProtest #BlackLivesMattero #BLM #IndigenousLivesMatterest 

Several thousand people rallied in Black Lives Matter protests across Australia over the weekend to call for racial equality and highlight deaths of Indigenous people while in police custody.

LOOK: Peaceful crowds marched through New York City for the #ConfrontingJuly4th  demonstration to honor Black and Indigenous activists on #July4th 

Thousands of people have gathered in New South Wales for peaceful Black Lives Matter rallies, calling for racial equality and action against Indigenous deaths in custody.

Australian cities extend protests supporting Black Lives Matter movement, indigenous peoples -

Several hundred people gathered in Sydney on Sunday as part of weekend-long protests in Australia's large cities in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and increased focus of the mistreatment of indigenous peoples. #BangkokPost  #World  #indigenous 


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For Indigenous people, Trump’s Mt. Rushmore rally is like his Juneteenth celebration in Tulsa: he’s “making a mockery of our pain & struggles,” Nick Tilsen writes in @NBCNews . Lakota & Dakota Nations advocate @TatewinMeans  joins me 8pET to explain the history of the Black Hills.

Australian cities have erupted in inspiring demos against police killings of black people. In Australia, hundreds of Indigenous people have died in police custody without a conviction. Please watch this clip from my film, Utopia...

The Scandinavians practice “unification socialism”: we’re all in this together. Venezuelan socialists practice “division socialism”: rich against poor, black against white, European against indigenous, etc. Guess which model is used by the American Left

Remember this: Australia locks up Indigenous Australians at four times the rate of black Americans.

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Just a reminder that environmental justice is inseparable from racial justice. Black and Indigenous people are disproportionately harmed by gutting our environmental laws. Injustice is the core of what we are fighting against.

“It’s no longer on us to change things, it’s on the majority. It’s up to non-Indigenous Australians to want to take up that labour. I can't make you do it.” Actor@missmirandatap  and writer and actor @nakkiahlui  on the Black Lives Matter movement. #abc730  @jason_om 

The coronavirus pandemic is working much like systemic racism does in America. It kills disproportionate numbers of black, Latino, and indigenous people first. But eventually, if nothing is done, it will come for everyone. My latest for @RollingStone .

45 is definitely the most racist American President of all time, who not only wants to help disenfranchised Black People, Poor People, but actually cares about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women of America too? Yeah, I’m digging his brand of racism! THIS:

‘America’ has a long, tragic history of violating indigenous, African, brown and Black families. It is a persistent systemic and social evil. And it will continue until this nation cultivates the goodwill, builds coalitions, elects leadership and enacts policies that prevent it.

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A 6-year-old girl has created a coloring book series to teach about Black indigenous cultures around the world

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