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Manitoba has released a report showing COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Indigenous, Black and other people of colour in the province.

The voter fraud myth is a decades old trope used to suppress voters of color. Efforts to throw out ballots cast by Black, Latinx, and Indigenous voters in the 2020 election is just one of far too many examples.

In most big companies, no Black or Indigenous women on track for top jobs: survey

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And if your first response to full cancellation is that it would help some people who “don’t need it,” start thinking of who’d actually benefit most: the Black, Latino, and Indigenous borrowers whose debt burden eclipses that of their white classmates

From the front page of the @TorontoStar ⁩’s Business section, @krushowy ⁩ on the lack of Black and Indigenous women in Corporate Canada c-suites. #onpoli 

NEW from @krushowy : A majority of big companies have no Black or Indigenous women on track to take on leadership roles on boards or in executive positions, a survey shows.

⚡️ Zero Black or Indigenous women are on track for the corner office in a majority of big companies, survey finds

@MitzieHunter  . says it was important fo @CA_prosperityr  “to highlight who’s missing — and there is a missing middle. And Black, Indigenous women and other diverse groups aren’t represented.” /4

@CA_prosperity  . found 89 per cent of the organizations surveyed have zero Black women “in the pipeline to the leadership level, and 91 per cent have zero Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) women.” /2

"Our pandemic response has shown clearly how race, class, and gender determine who is most likely to be in the line of fire: the Black, Brown, and Indigenous Canadians who keep working during the crisis while others shelter." — by @ggalab 


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We will work to pass the THRIVE Agenda to fight climate change, create millions of jobs in renewable energy, and invest in Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities. #TimeToTHRIVE 

If Black, Indigenous & other kids of color are old enough to face the impact of racism (which starts before birth) then white kids are old enough to face the consequences of their racist actions.

This paper doesn't get enough attention. It shows Black/Latino/Indigenous folks aren't just dying from Covid at higher rates than whites but are also dying *younger*. 90% of white deaths in 65+ 90% of Black deaths in 55+ 89% of Indigenous deaths in 45+

Thank you. To the Black and brown women organizers. To the Indigenous turn-out-the-voters. To the AAPI volunteers who translated a million talking points. To the inclusive digital strategists. To the voters who risked harassment and pandemic. To all who brought joy to the work.

Australian cities have erupted in inspiring demos against police killings of black people. In Australia, hundreds of Indigenous people have died in police custody without a conviction. Please watch this clip from my film, Utopia...

Remember this: Australia locks up Indigenous Australians at four times the rate of black Americans.

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Just a reminder that environmental justice is inseparable from racial justice. Black and Indigenous people are disproportionately harmed by gutting our environmental laws. Injustice is the core of what we are fighting against.

The coronavirus pandemic is working much like systemic racism does in America. It kills disproportionate numbers of black, Latino, and indigenous people first. But eventually, if nothing is done, it will come for everyone. My latest for @RollingStone .

‘America’ has a long, tragic history of violating indigenous, African, brown and Black families. It is a persistent systemic and social evil. And it will continue until this nation cultivates the goodwill, builds coalitions, elects leadership and enacts policies that prevent it.

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A 6-year-old girl has created a coloring book series to teach about Black indigenous cultures around the world

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