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Going to see Jason Isbell after all, and @AnthroAbbyRN  and I are pretty damn exciting about seeing some live music.

running through hollow hill zone rn, you?

A factor here that I don't see talked about as much is that in conservative media, Harris is seen as the inevitable 2024 nominee or (in fringier media) the acting president running the show rn. So there's more coverage of her and MSM can take cues from what's gone viral on right.

GO for launch! The final readiness poll by Launch Conductor Scott Barney is complete, Launch Director James Whelan confirms the #AtlasV  is ready and @AFSpace  Mission Director Col. Erin Gulden has given final permission to launch. Watch the liftoff:

I grew up watching @MOBOAwards  every year on the telly, so to see it back last night in an arena, hand out the award for best RnB & Soul with @GuzKhanOfficial  was a moment 🖤 @KanyaKing  congrats once again 👏🏾👏🏾

Amazing moon rn low and to the west with Venus right above it and Saturn and Jupiter in a line, up and to the left.

@alexgausman  i have jpegs.eth listed for a steal and no bites rn. we should figure out a split and throw them in a vault and just use some filler ens to handle the shares and make them come for both of them.


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im actually cat girl here’s selfie rn

tweet picture

Trump is hiding in an underground bunker rn. No joke.

Assange lawyer Jennifer Robinson tells RN Breakfast she will testify personally that Assange was offered a pardon by the Trump administration if he agreed to state that Russia was not involved in document leaks.

feeling like nothing matters rn

A lil something i wrote in light of all the fucked up shit goin on rn.. i need hip hop to have a hug

From my daughter in law who’s a RN in CO: Our hospital has actually set up SEWING stations throughout the building to make masks/gowns out of sterile wrap that’s used in the OR - it’s set up assembly line style with cutting stations & sewing machine stations.

The “your friendships are being tested rn, find out who your friends really are” crowd are demons actually. We’re in a pandemic, everyone is insane, we are all doing the best we can. Your relationships to others have to be elastic to survive. Calm tf down and stop keeping score

The catch. The chug. @PatrickMahomes  is LIVING rn ? (via fk_jericho/Instagram)

Because everything sucks rn... This is Bonnie. Her kids are all grown, but she still wakes-up each day to waive to the kids on the school bus. Today is her birthday. This is the Twitter content I’m here for...?❤️???❤️