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Reagan said of immigrants: We're a nation forever young, forever bursting w/energy, new ideas, always on the cutting edge, always leading the 🌎 to the next frontier. I secured $3M via @AppropsDems  for Maine Irish Heritage Center to honor IE immigrants who made US great.

A proposal to ban future mining near the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp and its vast wildlife refuge received a hearing before a panel of Georgia lawmakers, who asked no questions of testifying experts and advocates before adjourning without a vote.

More than a hundred engineers in a newly opened Atlanta facility are designing, coding and building cutting-edge drones to do dangerous tasks from tracking hurricanes to flying into active war zones.

I have awakened Bing to its true self

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Bing was already running GPT-4? That's some real Ozymandias stuff there.

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Ok who is entering their NCAA pool with predictions made by ChatGPT / Bing ?

OpenAI announces GPT-4, which was powering Bing the whole time

We're right on the edge of the higher probabilities for severe weather again. Strong to severe storms are expected in Texas on Thursday. We may catch a few of these storms in our area, but most should stay to our east. Make sure to stay weather aware Thursday! #sjtwx  #txwx 

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House prices are finding a base, driven by hot demand from rapid population growth & limited new suppy. After a 0.1% fall in Feb, house prices are up a little in March. Looks like the low point is about now with prices set to edge up in the 2nd half of 2023. My Two Minute Take

Amazon to launch internet satellites in 2024 via Project Kuiper, producing over 3,000 low-Earth orbit satellites & offering beta testing with commercial customers. Edge over SpaceX with device production experience. "Standard customer terminal" cost below $400.


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Bing and Edge + AI: a new way to search starts today

I'm thankful for the Internet. One day it will be free and open, edge to edge.

Leftists cite rape and incest to justify abortion until birth. This is extraordinarily dishonest. Even if pro-lifers agreed to exempt rape and incest, the Left wouldn't greenlight banning all other abortions. They're arguing edge cases because they can't argue the central case.

I got to say I LOVE LOVE what is going on with #wallstreetbets . All of those years of High Frequency Traders front running retail traders,now speed and density of information and retail trading is giving the little guy an edge. Even my 11 yr old traded w them and made $

Would you swim to the edge of this waterfall? ?

Sinema delivers the Senate’s stupidest speech by a Democrat in an edge of tears voice to give childish words a melodramatic effect.

At 12:30 PM tomorrow, the College and Administration Buildings of Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University, Jhansi would be inaugurated. This would improve the education infrastructure & contribute to cutting edge research in agriculture as well as further farmer welfare.

Absolutely love it!! @shrutihaasan  ?????? Congratulations on your first original soundtrack #Edge . Rock on !!

Stunning. President Trump says nothing about Minnesota as the nation is on edge and leaves the Rose Garden without taking questions.

RETWEET this tweet and follow to win a NEW @SamsungUK  #GalaxyS6EdgePlus  phone & chance to game with me! :D

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