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We want the metaverse to be a safe and respectful environment. But we know this work is much bigger than us.

The carefully edited allegations about Pope Benedict XVI in his Munich days are deeply political and serve to distract attention from bigger scandals. Me for @spectator  online:

Fulton County officials solved one problem in their elections department last week, but still face a potentially bigger issue just four months before the start of a crucial 2022 election cycle #gapol 

Hyperice, the 10-year-old maker of workout recovery products, just rebranded this past September and is pursuing new marketing strategies that include a presence at the upcoming Super Bowl and a bigger focus on customer data.

The Omicron variant, inflation and supply-chain disruptions are expected to take a bigger bite out of the global economy, the IMF says. via @WSJ 

The Post Bar, a popular gathering spot for racing fans at the Saratoga Race Course, will be replaced this summer by a bigger, two-story structure featuring both a bar and an upstairs suite experience.

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lol, just a play on John Lennon's tarmac proclamation that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus . . . 😆

“It was a bigger shock coming out to my family as Conservative than it was coming out as gay."

Scotland's economy is now bigger than it was before the Covid pandemic struck, GDP data shows

"We are bigger than all of Scotland and all of Kentucky combined in terms of [distillery] visitations," said Ole Smoky Distiller's CEO Robert Hall.


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Bigger than Bieber? A Korean pop group beats US stars to win a Billboard Music Award via

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Because of the Trump Administration, hospitals are now required, effective immediately, to publish their REAL PRICES, which will create competition and drive downs costs MASSIVELY. Won lawsuit last week. Bigger than healthcare, it’s called PRICE TRANSPARENCY....

The threshold identification of Ballots is turning out to be even bigger than originally anticipated. A very large number of Ballots are impacted. Stay tuned!

Big voter fraud hearings today in the Great State of Michigan. This election is a far bigger scandal (FRAUD!) than anyone would have thought - not even close. Watch today!

The Real Polls are starting to look GREAT! We will be having an even bigger victory than that of 2016. The Radical Left Anarchists, Agitators, Looters, and just plain Lunatics, will not be happy, but they will behave!

WE will WIN Ohio even bigger than we did in 2016 — MAGA is stronger than ever before!

Pres. Obama destroyed the lobster and fishing industry in Maine. Now it’s back, bigger and better than anyone ever thought possible. Enjoy your “lobstering” and fishing! Make lots of money!

Wow! May retail sales show biggest one-month increase of ALL TIME, up 17.7%. Far bigger than projected. Looks like a BIG DAY FOR THE STOCK MARKET, AND JOBS!

BIG VICTORY for patients – Federal court UPHOLDS hospital price transparency. Patients deserve to know the price of care BEFORE they enter the hospital. Because of my action, they will. This may very well be bigger than healthcare itself. Congratulations America!

Why is it that China, for decades, and with a population much bigger than ours, is paying a tiny fraction of $’s to The World Health Organization, The United Nations and, worst of all, The World Trade Organization, where they are considered a so-called “developing country” and...