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#Bidenflation is hitting your 4th of July BBQ. Americans are paying 17% more this 4th of July.

This year's Fourth of July celebrations will be hit hard by Bidenflation.

Last year he boasted of saving us 16 cents on a July 4th picnic. 2022 Bidenflation pushes the price of a #July4th  cookout up 17% #GeeThanks  @penguinponders 

Congress needs to do a double-take so American families can afford to put food on the table. #Bidenflation 

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Americans are paying more for just about everything because of #Bidenflation  this July 4th.

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Minority communities across America are getting hit the hardest by #Bidenflation .

#Bidenflation is hurting #Iowa  #smallbiz . Washington Democrats have to stop the reckless spending!

This Fourth of July, consumers will pay 17% more for their cookout essentials thanks to Bidenflation.

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Is Bidenflation wrecking your family's finances? If so, your'e in the majority. 75 percent of hourly workers reported having challenges in paying their bills due to increased inflation.


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#BidenFlation continues to be red hot.   ⛽️ Gas 🔼  48% 🛬 Airfare 🔼 37% 🐓 Chicken 🔼 17% 🚌 Public Transportation 🔼 11.2%

#Bidenflation is now costing the average American family an extra $635 per month.

Retweet 🔁 if you are tired of the cost of gas and groceries going up. #Bidenflation 

Retweet 🔁if you are tired of #Bidenflation !

President Biden’s crazy spending has wiped out 3 years of wage growth. #Bidenflation  is costing American families $5,000 per year.

Inflation has gone up 8.5% from this time last year. This is the sharpest rise since 1981. #BidenFlation  continues to remain red hot.

Reminder: #Bidenflation  is costing American families $5,000 a year.

President Biden’s inflation tax is costing the average household an extra $433 per month or $5,200 per year. #Bidenflation .

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is crushing #Bidenflation .

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