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An unofficial delegation led by former Senator Chris Dodd completed a three-day visit to Taiwan in a show of support from the Biden administration.

Christian College Sues the Biden Administration Over Joe's Gender Identity Executive Order

On Thursday, the Biden administration announced sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2020 U.S. presidential election and involvement in the SolarWind hack of federal agencies — activities Moscow has denied.

“We are at a #ClimateChange  crossroads.” Read more from @KaylyOber  on what steps the Biden administration can take in order to continue to support those displaced by climate change and prevent future displacement 👇

Christian College Sues the Biden Administration Over Joe's Gender Identity Executive Order

Biden administration to push for more Americans to get vaccinated

The moves are part of a government-wide effort by the Biden administration to address climate change.

Blinken: Biden administration will find it 'very hard' to meet refugee cap increase it promised @JoeBiden  @SecBlinken 

Blinken: Biden administration will find it 'very hard' to meet refugee cap increase it promised @JoeBiden  @SecBlinken 

The Biden administration lifted restrictions on the use of fetal tissue for medical research, allowing scientists to use tissue derived from elective abortions to develop treatments for diseases including diabetes, cancer, AIDS and Covid-19.


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Elections matter—and we’re seeing why. Congratulations to the Biden Administration and to the American people on a COVID relief bill that will improve the lives of families across the country.

Just off a conference call with Trump Administration vaccine distribution team. They confirmed that they have not briefed anyone on President-elect Biden's team and have no plans to do so. This is potentially catastrophic.

If you’re more worried about @realDonaldTrump  unmasking on a balcony with no one close to him than you were by the Obama/Biden administration unmasking (aka illegally spying on) their political opponents, my diagnosis is you have TDS, & my prescription is to put down your phone.

Now that the Biden Administration will be a scandal plagued mess for years to come, it is much easier for the Supreme Court of the United States to follow the Constitution and do what everybody knows has to be done. They must show great Courage & Wisdom. Save the USA!!!

My Administration has suspended the entry of refugees from terror-compromised nations such as Syria, Somalia and Yemen. Biden’s plan surges refugees 700% into Minnesota, Michigan & Pennsylvania—burdening schools & hospitals while opening the floodgates to Radical Islamic Terror.

Record 96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. 53% Approval Rating Overall. Record 56% “Better Off Now” than 4 Years Ago (Gallup) during the Obama/Sleepy Joe Biden Administration, even as we round the turn on the China Plague. Thank you. Next year will be the BEST EVER!!!

Here’s what we know: -Hillary Clinton contrived the Russia hoax to distract from her email scandal. -The Obama/Biden Administration knowingly pushed Clinton’s phony allegations. -Democrats lied for years to cover it up. Will the media correct their past stories on collusion?

We now know that John Brennan and Hillary Clinton conjured up the phony Russian hoax with the Obama/Biden Administration to distract Americans from the Clinton email scandal. The witch hunt was worse than we ever thought!

The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!

This week you had Joe Biden call Arizona a CITY. Nothing matters with him, however, because the Opposition Party (Lamestream Media) covers everything up - especially the corruption. The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt in history. They even spied on my campaign!