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Financial sector overhaul could harm BI’s independence, economists warn #jakpost 

Rupiah falls 1.35% as investors raise concern over BI’s independence #jakpost 

The Fed is also requiring banks to re-submit capital plans later in the year & “will use this information to make a further assessment of the banks’ financial conditions & risks.” That’s a “broad negative” since it “signals more uncertainty:” BI’s Williams

This week in BI 's Trending newsletter, we look at Chamath's surprising second act, and at Silicon Valley's blue-collar worker predicament... 1/2

1/3 BI’s@TylerSonnemaker  gets results. On Wednesday he reported... Uber promised to pay drivers who couldn't work because of the coronavirus. But drivers say Uber has been closing their accounts, and then ignoring or rejecting their claims.

Reg. BI’s 401(k) Rollover Obligations: The SEC’s new Regulation Best Interest (“Reg. BI”) imposes a set of obligations on broker-dealers when giving advice to retail customers.  Reg. BI in part targets transactions… ^ > @WKTAAUS 

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The Pelicans celebrate BI’s career night ? (? @FOXSportsNOLA  )

The @PelicansNBA  were HYPED after BI’s 49-PT game and OT win! ? (via @SwinCash )

Brandon Ingram ? Pelicans win 3rd in a row behind BI’s 15 4th quarter points! 28 PTS 9-19 FG 8 REB 5 AST 2 BLK 1 STL

26 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists per game. BI’s for real.

Wait, isn't "bad bi****s" a type??

Spoke to a hemotologist who said Ingram’s likelihood of a full recovery is in the high 90s percent-wise since his issue was structural. BI’s agent Jeff Schwartz said, “This is the best set of facts you could have with a clot.“ He’ll be pretty much recovered in 3-4 months.

I had fat parents. I was fat. We were poor. My parents were conservative and kind to EVERYONE. They worked hard. Life was hard. My dad died when I was young. I am bi. 's showed me that my fucked life was not that uncommon.

BI’s@nichcarlson : “How do you like the global elite?” @realDonaldTrump : “Very good.”