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'You wailed about Benghazi for FIVE YEARS': Lindsey Graham ripped for demand impeachment be set aside

But it didn’t begin with QAnon. This quote from @jestei ’s reporting in 2016 holds up. Lies about things like the debt ceiling, birtherism, “End-the-Fed”, Benghazi were all just amuse-bouches to today’s feast of conspiracies.

Ahmed from Benghazi on the past decade: “I just regret there are still governments and groups of interests who don’t want these societies to have freedom...They are still trying to insist on providing two options, either dictatorship or chaos.”

This will be an attack on the presidency in perpetuity. Should we impeach Barack Obama because for 24 hours, he never lifted a finger to help those people under siege in Benghazi? Where does this stop? @LindseyGrahamSC  @seanhannity  @FoxNews 

"Should we impeach Barack Obama because, for 24 hours, he never lifted a finger to help those people under siege in Benghazi? Where does this stop?”

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West says what about #Benghazi  in statement on impeachment: "I do not recall any calls to impeach President Obama when he abandoned Americans in Benghazi, resulting in four losing their lives, and subsequently lied about it."

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The Trump mob attack on the capitol now has a higher death toll than Benghazi.

As I watch a conservatives by and large shrug their shoulders or simply ignore the mass death around us, I'm starting to get this weird, nagging suspicion that the 10 investigations over 4 years into the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi was maybe not undertaken in good faith.

Obama/Biden scandals: -Fast & Furious -Solyndra -Benghazi -IRS targeting -Opperation Choke Point -Spying on journalists -VA waiting lists -Cash payments to Iran -Clinton emails -Unmasking of political rivals -Crossfire Hurricane/Russia Hoax -Crossfire Razor/Flynn Don’t forget!

Susan Rice accused the Trump administration of “misrepresenting the facts” on Soleimani’s death. This from the person who misled the American people 5 times, on 5 separate Sunday shows, 5 days after the Benghazi attack.

It’s nice to wake up in a country who once again leads like they should. When our embassy’s is under attack & they ask for help they actually get it... Immediately! Yesterday’s action vs the disgraceful response at Benghazi is all you need to know about leadership then & now!

Brennan loses security clearance. -Clapper lied under oath -Rice blamed Benghazi on a video -Comey fired -McCabe fired -Strzok fired -Yates fired -Page demoted, then left -Ohr demoted If any of these folks still have a clearance, they should lose it too.

It’s a sad day when you can hear it in the media’s voice how upset they are that the Iraq embassy attack hasn’t turned into a disaster like Benghazi because this administration had the guts to actually take action & defend Americans. At least we know whose side they’re on!

-Brennan leaked the Dossier to Harry Reid -Comey leaked to NYT -Clapper lied under oath -McCabe lied 3 times, faces criminal referral -Strzok claims he wasn’t biased -Rice blamed Benghazi on a video If they still have a security clearance, of course they should lose it!

If the NFL thing was about the flag & anthem, you’d be outraged when Trump doesn’t hold a hand over his heart & botches the words. If it was about troops, you’d be as pissed about Niger as about Benghazi. It’s not principle. It’s about control of brown bodies. Stop the bullshit.