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Maybe Fast and Furious? Wen Ho Lee was pretty signifiant tho and got global coverage. The Benghazi stuff? Enron?

There is a difference “between inquiries predicated on something real, and those, like the many investigations in the Benghazi attack, meant to troll for dirt and reify Fox News phantasms,” writes @michelleinbklyn .

“This thing is so fucking broad,” a Democratic aide on the Judiciary Committee told @sahilkapur . “It’s Benghazi on steroids. It’s crazy.”

Gaetz: I’m not here to participate in some puppet show..I don’t want to relive the Benghazi experience which is just show

Rep. @mattgaetz  says he and others were threatened with removal from committees if they don’t vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. “I don’t want to relive the Benghazi experience where it’s just theatre pretending to be oversight”

Matt Gaetz Saying BENGHAZI LIBELS!11!!1 And Other Scenes From A Really Neat Day In Congress by @EvanHurst 

Matt Gaetz Saying BENGHAZI LIBELS!11!!1 And Other Scenes From A Really Neat Day In Congress by @EvanHurst 


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It’s nice to wake up in a country who once again leads like they should. When our embassy’s is under attack & they ask for help they actually get it... Immediately! Yesterday’s action vs the disgraceful response at Benghazi is all you need to know about leadership then & now!

-Joe Biden -Susan Rice -Anthony Blinken -William Burns -Wendy Sherman -Jake Sullivan The same foreign policy “experts” during Benghazi are fumbling foreign policy decisions again today.

The Trump mob attack on the capitol now has a higher death toll than Benghazi.

So you’re telling me the guy who was VP when we left Americans to die in Benghazi & lied about it, the guy who was VP when ISIS formed, the guy who oversaw the largest funding of a terror state in history (Iran Deal) - this guy is accusing Trump of not respecting our troops? Wow

Has today’s left forgotten? Our oversight at the Benghazi committee showed Susan Rice misled the American people. She went on 5 Sunday shows and blamed the tragic Benghazi attack on a video.

Nothing on emails. Nothing on the corrupt Clinton Foundation. And nothing on #Benghazi . #Debates2016  #debatenight 

GOP doesn't investigate Russian attack on our democracy. They don't want to investigate accusations against Kavanaugh. But when it comes to the myth of widespread "voter fraud" or conspiracy theories on Benghazi, they're all in. It's about political power, not power of the truth.

"If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation." GOPers applauded. How many of them supported the Benghazi investigations? The Clinton impeachment? How many shouted "Lock Her Up"? The stench.

If the NFL thing was about the flag & anthem, you’d be outraged when Trump doesn’t hold a hand over his heart & botches the words. If it was about troops, you’d be as pissed about Niger as about Benghazi. It’s not principle. It’s about control of brown bodies. Stop the bullshit.