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6/ This is a trivial add for most any product. Some will enhance with more bells & whistles. For example there might be an automatic suggestion (API costs aside) or several specific “query expansions” that take the text and guide the enhancement. Everyone will call the API.

At #Kuchipudi  in #AndhraPradesh , which saw birth of one of 9 classical dance forms of country, lanes that once reverberated with sound of anklet bells lie silent now. Fewer scholarships is forcing youth to look for alternative income sources.

The Clock of the Long Now asks us, in whispers of buried bells: “Are we being good ancestors?” We’re excited to share new footage of The Clock of the Long Now featuring our founders — Danny Hillis, @stewartbrand , and Brian Eno — as the bells of The Clock peal for the first time.

Bells Hotel is the best place to watch #SBLVII  in Melbourne! Get your tickets HERE:

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Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli has been making bells since the Middle Ages, their instruments ring out from iconic places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Vatican

The Marinelli family in Italy has been making bells for 26 generations and their workshop has survived nearly 1,000 years of wars and hardship

#Punjab | The emotive sacrilege issue has impacted the political fortunes of both the Akali Dal and the #Congress  party in the past and the fresh round of protests seems to have sent alarm bells ringing in the Mann administration | @swatibhan 

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Really good today to meet with the leadership team at Bells of Lazonby. A fantastic local business and a world leader in baked goods exporting across the world. A family bakery business that puts Lazonby and Cumbria on the map!

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🎵 99 red balloons. floating in the summer sky. Panic bells, it's red alert. There's something here from somewhere else. The war machine springs to life. Opens up one eager eye. Focusing it on the sky. Where 99 red balloons go by 🎵

that weekly SFP on $DXY is straight up ringing alarm bells to me. Im stabled up, good luck out there.

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The Kyiv Children’s Choir arrived in New York City from Poland for a performance at Carnegie Hall on Dec. 4. But they stopped by Grand Central Station today and performed the “Carol of the Bells” …

Biden’s Inaugural Committee is asking people around the country to illuminate buildings and ring church bells at 5:30p ET on Jan. 19 “in a national moment of unity and remembrance” for those who have died of coronavirus.

WATCH: Locals report fireworks in London, church bells in Paris as Biden win celebrated abroad

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241 years ago today, church bells rang out over Philadelphia as the Declaration of Independence was adopted

Thanks LL for this incredible Bells' alt='RockTheBells' /'>@RockTheBells  varsity came in a boombox box!

With more than 2.6m views under his belt following his rendition of bells'>Jingle Bells, six-year-old Aylan popped into the STV studios for a look around. From meeting Sean Batty to our anchorman John Mackay, the singing superstar also gave us a rendition of another festive tune. ?

Q: What were you doing back in January when the alarm bells started ringing in China? A: Crowdfunding Big Ben bongs.

I want to be sure we're all clear about something that Brett Kavanaugh said in his confirmation hearings last week. He referred to birth-control pills as "abortion-inducing drugs." That set off a lot of alarm bells for me, and it should for you, too.

#GameOfThrones *bells ring* Dany: